About Me

I learned long ago that life is like riding a loop-de-loop roller-coaster with no available seat harness and grease on the handle bars.

It can be both exhilarating and downright unnerving.

Ups, downs, highs, lows, round and round, upside down... but don't dare fall off!!

It's enough to make you dizzy and leave you stir-crazy, as you slowly lose control of yourself & your life.

But I'll share with you one of the greatest nuggets of knowledge you'll ever learn.

Suffering can lead you from an unconscious, seemingly paralyzed state in life, to an awe-inspiring, life-changing awakening.

I'm living proof.

It took a sudden wallop of mental suffering to wake up, but holy sh*t did it completely alter my perspective about life and our purpose here.

It was quite magnificent. An indescribably peaceful feeling, actually.

And out of my awakening, I also found a purpose, my "reason for being."

To help you awaken your soulsummon your inner strengthtake charge of your life, and live authentically.

Your awakening begins simply by being fully present and feeling confident in who you are.

Stop looking backward in time. Stop looking forward in time. Focus on right now, because all you'll ever have is a series of right now's. Make the most of each one.

Presence and Confidence.

It's that simple.

Start now.

Jeff Cohen ~ Founder