Comment to 'Weight Loss & Dieting - How Do I Lose Weight and Keep It Off?'
  • Make your lunch. Take your lunch.

    This is a biggie and where most people put on the pounds.

    Most of the things that are available in restaurants are just not very healthy. Even if you try, it's still a lot of calories and the pounds WILL add up.

    It also can be challenging to order a salad when your coworkers are ordering bacon cheeseburgers. You will be healthier and save money if you make your lunch and take your lunch.

    Disclosure: I make my own lunch each and every day. Takes 2-3 minutes. I'd be much larger in the waistline if I didn't do this.


    Make your own dinner too.

    Same story. The more you eat out, the larger your waistline will be - even with your best effort to eat healthy.

    Cooking your own dinner at home does not have to be hard either. I start and finish in 15-30 minutes generally. Simple. Very tasty. Yum!

    There are so many recipes online that can be prepared quickly and affordably.

    You'll also be SAVING A LOT OF MONEY over the long term. It's expensive to eat out all the time. Even fast food garbage adds up to $$.

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