Comment to 'How Do I Overcome Terrible Depression and Feel Happier Again?'
  • Meditate.

    This is a very helpful therapy because it relaxes your mind from worries and has a calming effect.

    Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

    It only makes you feel worse. Stop it immediately every time you catch yourself doing it.

    Learn to forgive yourself.

    Remember that no one is perfect. It is okay to commit mistakes. What is important is learning from them. Forgive yourself.

    Stop worrying about the future.

    Worrying about the future will only cause you to neglect the good things that currently surround you.

    Stop caring what others think.

    Worrying about others’ opinion will not do you any good. Remember the saying “you cannot please everybody all the time” - it's true.

    Smile more.

    Smiling and laughing are the best therapies for just about anything. It relaxes your body.

    Learn to love yourself.

    Remember that before you can love someone else, you need to love yourself first. You cannot share something that you do not have.

    Learn to appreciate.

    Every person is unique and special. Do not think of yourself as inferior to others.

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