Comment to 'How To Overcome An Addiction ...Starting Now'
  • Request help and support.

    Support from friends, family members, neighbors, clergy, coworkers, social groups, or any other type of support system is crucial to your recovery. Without this type of support, you are highly likely to witness the rapid return of your addiction. Long term help and support is vital.

    • There are likely many support groups – both online and in-person – that focus on your particular addiction. As I mentioned above, seek out this type of support group. You’ll find specialists in overcoming your specific addiction, as well as those who’ve experienced your pain.

    • Don’t forget to support yourself! Give yourself rewards at different milestones of your recovery.

    You need all the support your friends and family can offer.

    • They can keep you accountable for your actions.
    • They can guide you to any help you need.
    • They can provide emotional support to bolster your resolve.

    If you find that your family and friends aren’t giving you the support you need, either distance yourself from the negative attitudes, or explain what you need from them in order for you to succeed.

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