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  • Hi Danny.

    I've asked Don Georgevich, a professional with more knowledge than I, for information on a behavioral job interview. I will post this helpful info below along with a link for more information.

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    Being prepared for behavioral interview questions is one of the smartest things you can do in your job search.
    Knowing how to answer these questions can make all the difference between landing the job and having to keep on looking for another one.
    Behavioral or competency-based interviews are simply a set of questions that ask you to talk about examples from your past work experience to help an interviewer figure out your strengths.
    Behavioral interviewers will look for the three parts (Problem, Action, Results) of your answer and take notes about how you answered the question.
    These are also known as STAR interview questions.
    STAR stands for:
     - Situation
     - Task
     - Action  
     - Result
    1. The first thing you want to do when answering a behavioral question is describe a work related Situation or Task that you needed to accomplish, and you want to be concise.
    2. Then describe the Action you took.  Don’t tell them what you might do or would do, you need to tell them what you did.
    3. And finally, describe what happened -- the result. What did you accomplish?  What did you learn? How much time or money did you save?  And most importantly does your result solve the problem you described in step 1.
    That’s the formula for answering any behavioral question.

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    Here is a link to Don's Complete Interview Answer Guide ( click here ). With it, you will unlock all of the strategies to help you to answer any behavioral question by turning your past work experiences into powerful behavioral answers. His guide is packed with examples of behavioral questions using the STAR format.

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