SolveYourProblem eLearning Series: Credit Scores
Help Me Improve
My Dreadful Credit Score

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> Improve your credit score : There are many misconceptions about credit scores out there. There are people who believe that they donít have a credit score and many people who think that their credit scores just donít really matter. These sorts of misconceptions can hurt your chances at getting some jobs, at good interest rates, and even your chances of getting an apartment.

The truth is, if you have a bank account and bills, then you have a credit score, and your credit score matters more than you might think. Your credit score may be called many things, including a credit risk rating, a FICO score, a credit rating, a FICO rating, or a credit risk score. All these terms refer to the same thing: the three-digit number that lets lenders get an idea of how likely you are to repay your bills. Every time you apply for credit, apply for a job that requires you to handle money, or even apply for some more exclusive types of apartment living, your credit score is checked.

SolveYourProblem Article Series: Do It Yourself Credit Repair
Raise My Credit Score Now
> Free Credit Report Repair: Fix Your Finances
> Free Credit Report Repair: Saving Money
> How Do I Get A Copy of My Credit Report?
> How Do I Remove Wrong Info From My Credit Report?
> What Is a Bad Credit Score (FICO Score)?
> How To Repair Your Credit Report Score Fast
> Credit Repair In Canada
> Can a Credit Repair Consultant Actually Help Me?
> Credit Repair Scams: Don't Fall For This
> How To Get a Guaranteed Bad Credit Personal Loan
> Credit Repair Laws and Legalities
> Why Is My Credit Score Important?
> Top 6 Ways to Raise Your Credit Score
> How To Read Your Credit Report
> How To Remove Black Marks From Your Credit Report
> What Is The Importance of a Good Credit Rating?
> What Do I Need To Repair My Credit?
> Popular Credit Repair Scams
> Credit Repair After Bankruptcy
> Credit Repair Kits: Do They Really Work?
> Avoid Common Credit Damaging Mistakes
> Credit Repair, The Basic Steps
> How To Raise My Credit Score as Quickly as Possible
> How Do Banks Use Your Credit Score?
> Does Debt Consolidation Work?
> Common Credit Score Misconceptions - Cleared Up
> Why Credit Repair Requires Persistence and Perseverance
> Best Reasons Not To Accept a Debt Settlement Offer
> Credit Repair: The Statute of Limitations
> Writing Letters (Not Calling) To Fix Credit Works Better
> How To Choose a Reputable Credit Repair Company
> Your FICO Score & Repairing Your Credit
> How Credit Inquiries Affect Your Credit Score
> Is a Credit Repair Loan Right For Me?
> Credit Repair Glossary of Terms
> The Credit Repair Organizations Act
> Rebuild Your Credit History: Your Options
> Why Is Credit Repair No Easy Fix?
> Is Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair Worth It?
> Credit Repair: All Your Options
> What Does Debt Settlement Do To My Credit Report?
> Donít Pay for Credit Repair: Do It Yourself
> Debt Consolidation: Will It Help or Hurt My Credit?
> How to Buy a Car with Bad Credit
> Credit Repair: You Must Document Everything
> Hiring a Debt Repair Attorney
> Credit Repair Scam: File Segregation
> What Does a Credit Bureau Do?
> How To Avoid Credit Repair In The First Place
> Filing a Dispute with a Credit Bureau
> How to Clean Your Credit Report After Someone Else Ruined It
> What Your Credit Score Really Means
> How Do I File a Grievance Against a Credit Repair Company?
> Do I Need To Check My Credit Report Often?
> How to Protect Your Identity from Thieves Who Want It
> Your Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act
> What Credit Bureaus Donít Tell You About a Dispute
> Payday Loans When Fixing Your Credit History

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