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Is Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair Worth It?


Credit reporting agencies can do a lot of damage to credit if it is not correct. However, credit debt and fixing any problems that are a part of it is born by the individual that has credit, whether negative or positive. Fixing credit is not all that hard to do, but it does take a little work and persistence at getting it straight and keeping it that way. Know what the basic steps are to repair bad credit, so a good credit report is part of the package. Without good credit opportunities are lost in everything from employment to insurance in today’s society.

The first step in repairing credit is to contact the national credit agencies of Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. All minor reporting agencies report information to these leading financial reporting agencies about credit. Obtain a copy from all three and study the codes listed for each report. There is a nominal fee for each credit report, but it usually is no more than $12.00 per report. By looking at the most serious credit issues, ones that are long standing and extra high amounts, a credit deficiency can be eliminated over time. Do it yourself credit repair is an easy way to take care of financial delinquencies, and much safer to use than the scams of instant credit repair deals. Scammers that offer an instant fix will do nothing but take the money upfront, and debt I is still there. Do not use them; it is not worth it in the end.

Attack first any charge-offs that are on a record of a credit-reporting agency. Charge-offs is debts that are owed, but the lending institutions have written them off as un-collectible. In other words, they have given up on trying collecting the debt. Most of the time these debts are closed, but a call can be made asking them to reopen the account. If an account is not left to long as closed it is possible that the account will and can be reopened, but this depends on company policy. The benefit is that the account is usually reported to the national and state credit organizations as current.

On the other hand if an account will not be reopened by the lending agency then a settlement can be asked for to correct the debt. Most of the time a 50% reduction of the bill will be settled, but remember at tax time it needs to be claimed on income taxes. This could make the amount of taxes owed higher because a partial settlement was reached. Be sure to talk with a tax advisor if this is the case. All charge-offs that are settled accounts should be closed when the account is paid, so make sure to ask to get that guarantee in writing before an agreement is made.

Late payments are the next area that needs to be handled. A phone call and letter will take care of the problem in most cases. Check to see if late payments that are reported can be removed from the credit reporting agencies. Most companies will work with the problem, and some even offer to remove the late payment marks from a record. However, this can be only when the debt is paid off, or after a schedule of payments is made in a timely manner, usually it is after 90 days. Judgments ordered by the courts are very timely issues too, and all of the debt will have to be paid. Get in writing a payment schedule and also that the judgment will be removed once the final bill is paid.

Removing and settling debts with companies offer a lot of peace of mind. Nothing can be worse emotionally than living with debt, and the bad consequences it causes. Denial of credit for education expenses, home improvement loans to repair a house, and necessary insurances for health, or even credit approval for renting, is just a few of the issues that are affected by bad credit, and over whelming debt. It is not necessary or even right to live that way, so decide today to take fix any credit problems that may be occurring. Follow the simple steps and credit repair is just around the corner.

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