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What Are The Benefits Of The Low Carb Diet?


2 Reasons Why Low Carb Dieting Works

There are more and more reports showing that low carb eating works. This popular diet plan, made famous by Dr Robert Atkins and others, has helped innumerable people to lose weight. But is it just like any other diet or is there a special reason why people seem to be more successful with low carb eating? Why does a low carb diet work?

There are two main reasons why low carb eating can work for people who struggle with any other kind of diet. Let's take them one by one.

1. Fewer calories - less hunger

Many people make the mistake of thinking that low carb diets are high protein diets. This is not necessarily the case. In fact, many low carbohydrate plans advise against eating too much protein because it can stress the kidneys. So if you are not eating carbs and you are not eating much more protein than usual, where do your calories come from?

The answer is fat. Low carbing is not so much high protein as a high fat diet. That may seem crazy but stay with us here and you will find it does make sense.

Eating fat is what gives us that full, satisfied feeling after a meal. If you have ever tried to eat a no-fat diet based on fruit and vegetables, you will know that you can have a huge bloated stomach and still feel that you want something more to eat - even though you could not possibly fit it in. It is fat that your body is craving.

So if you eat more fat, you can be satisfied with smaller meals (fewer calories). It may take a few minutes for the full feeling to kick in, but if you get up after your low carb meal, wash the dishes and brush your teeth, by the time you are done, you will be feeling full.

You also stay satisfied for longer. You are less likely to want to snack. Dr Atkins has a rule that people on his diet must not go more than 6 waking hours without eating in order to keep the metabolism running well. That rule is necessary because low carb eating makes us forget about food for much longer.

2. Eating fat makes the body use fat

But it is not all about calories. The second reason that low carb, high fat diets can help us to lose weight is that we get into ketosis (or lipolysis, as it is sometimes called). When the body cannot get its energy from carbohydrates, it begins to convert fat into glucose for energy.

This process uses all the fat that we eat. If we were eating a lot of carbs, it would take its energy from those and store the fat. Instead, with low carb eating we are burning it up. What is more, we also start to burn up the fat that we have stored previously. So we begin to get slimmer.

Some research has shown that people on low carb eating plans can eat considerably more calories than people on low fat diets and still lose weight. This is great news for anybody who has had trouble sticking to diets in the past. It means that you can eat large quantities of some high calorie foods like cream, butter and olive oil, and still see those pounds disappearing.

So that is why low carb diets work. First they make you feel less hungry, so you probably will eat less. Second, even on days when you eat more, you can still lose - as long as you stick with the low carb eating plan allowed foods and avoid those pesky carbohydrates.

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