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Weight Loss - Bonus
Understanding Your Body: A Different Perspective

It is strange how the secrets that we try so hard to find out have already been discovered ages ago and that too in the most unlikely of places and by the most unlikely of people. People who lived ages ago in the East have already solved many of the puzzles of the human body.

The Indian system of medicine, which is called Ayurveda, is a wonder in itself. The explanations in this stream of science at first glance may seem far-fetched, but when you really sit down and think about it, you will be astounded by the knowledge and understanding that the ancient Indian sages had. I have included a littlie bit on the Indian system of medicine that is particular to the subject of our interest, that is the diet and its control.

Take time to go through the stream of thought in the following pages, it is more than interesting.


But First, How Much Do You Know?

I have included a simple test to see how much you have grasped about the proper way to control you diet. Go ahead and do the test, you might find it interesting.

1) Which of the following is suitable for a between meal snack?

a) Cheese
b) Carrots
c) Yogurt
d) Coffee
e) Candy

2) How many glasses of water should a person have in a day?

a) 5-6
b) 10-20
c) 10-12
d) 4-5
e) 15-20

3) Which of the following is bad as far as weight control is concerned?

a) snacking
b) smoking
c) coffee
d) crash diets
e) all the above

4) How many hours sleep does an adult need?

a) 7-8
b) 6-7
c) 8-9
d) 5-6
e) 9-10

5) Which is better for a person on a diet?

a) fresh fruit
b) canned fruit
c) fruit juice
d) processed fruit
e) cooked fruit

6) Which of the following should you always include in your diet?

a) nuts
b) dried fruits
c) fruit juice
d) salads
e) tea

7) Which of these two is better for your health?

a) coffee
b) tea

8) The most important meal of the day is

a) supper
b) snacks
c) break fast
d) lunch
e) tea

9) Which of the following can you afford to cut out from your diet?

a) fats
b) carbohydrates
c) vegetables
d) proteins
e) vitamins

10) Which meat is better for health?

a) white meat
b) red meat
c) raw meat


1. b
2. c
3. e
4. a
5. a
6. d
7. b
8. c
9. a
10. a

Muscle Power

Use your brains to answer the test on the best ways to work out.

1) Which is the best exercise among the following?

a) horse riding
b) walking
c) swimming
d) running
e) bowling

2) Before you need to work out, you need to

a) drink water
b) warm up
c) consult a trainer
d) make up your mind
e) cool off

3) You can afford to take a day off from your work out every week

a) true
b) false

4) Yoga does not help to reduce weight

a) true
b) false

5) Breathing exercises strengthen the shoulder muscles

a) true
b) false


1. c
2. b
3. a
4. a
5. b

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