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What Are The Benefits Of The Raw Food Diet?


Raw Food Diet, What Can I Eat?

Raw food weight loss plans are becoming one of the coolest ways to lose weight. You will hear many people say how much weight they lost on a raw food diet. But can it work for the long term, and will it work for you?

The idea behind a raw food weight loss diet is that you will lose weight pretty much automatically. This happens because you will not be eating sugar or other refined carbohydrates. You will be eating a lot more fiber than most people would eat on a regular diet and that keeps the stomach full so that you feel less hungry on fewer calories. The food that you do eat is natural, healthy and easily processed by the body, once you are used to it.

However, a raw food diet is not easy. Many people do not think about what raw food actually means before they start, so they have a bad shock when they find out how limiting the diet is.

In most cases, it is best to transition from a regular western diet to raw. The increase in fiber as well as the detox element can cause a lot of side effects in the first 7 days. Just coming off coffee gives most people bad headaches if done cold turkey.

However, for people who are very overweight, transitioning is hard. Transitioning is usually done by starting out with a 100% raw breakfast, followed by two other meals of healthy cooked foods. Then lunch goes raw, and finally dinner. This is difficult for many overweight people because we usually prefer to jump right into a diet, taking advantage of high motivation to follow the strictest part of the diet first. With a raw food diet, you do the opposite.

If you are going for a 100% raw food weight loss diet, it means a lot more than not eating hot food. It means not eating any food that has been heated or processed before it reaches your plate. Bread, of course, has been cooked; you may not realize that many other foods, like olives, dried fruit, oats, coffee, herbs and spices have been treated at high temperatures, so they are not raw. Even frozen vegetables are usually blanched in boiling water before being frozen.

So what can you eat? When you look at it from this point of view, you will begin to feel much more positive about a raw food weight loss diet. It is not just a question of salad and fruit. There are many delicious recipes that you can make by preparing raw vegetables and nuts, including desserts. Whole websites are dedicated to raw food recipes, so go online and research a few dishes before you start. There are also many excellent raw food cookbooks that you can buy.

Most people who go on a raw food weight loss diet choose the vegetarian or vegan option. The alternative is to eat raw meat and fish, which most people do not like to do even if they were sure it was safe. And it is often not safe, since bacteria can lurk in uncooked meat. Never eat raw poultry or pork, and choose only organic, grass-fed red meats. If you do choose to eat raw meat, take medical advice first. In fact, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor before trying any 100% raw diet.

So the bottom line is that going raw certainly helps some people to lose weight, but only if they stick to it. That will be much easier if you have done some research and planning before starting a raw food weight loss diet.

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