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Yummy Low Carb Dessert Ideas

When you first start out on a low carbohydrate plan, low carb desserts can seem like the most difficult part of the meal. If you are used to finishing your meals with sticky sweet donuts, cakes or mousses, you may feel that something is missing at the end of your meal. But it does not have to be that way. You can still have sweet treats - just be sure to plan them right.

The first thing that we must make clear is that sugar is out of the question. Sugar is one of the highest carbohydrate foods on the planet and it comes with zero fiber or other nutrients. So you will not be having sugar in your low carb desserts.

However, you can have artificial sweeteners. Even some of these have carbohydrates, however, so be careful what you choose. Most people go for sucralose in their low carb desserts. This is best known under the brand name Splenda.

One of the great things about sucralose is that you can cook with it. You will find that it does not behave exactly like sugar - for example, meringues will not caramelize with Splenda. But for sweet and creamy low carb desserts, it is ideal.

For example, you can make a very simple but delicious chocolate mousse. Whip up some heavy cream until it is thick. Add a little cocoa powder and Splenda to taste. Heaven!

There are also many regular dessert recipes that you can adapt to low carb desserts by simply substituting Splenda for the sugar. It is pretty simple to make a low carbohydrate cheesecake, for example. Of course, you won't have the base. But if you are making it for the whole family, you can make it with the base and just avoid eating that yourself.

On most low carbohydrate diets, the amount of artificial sweetener that you can use will be limited. If you want to make low carb desserts, you will need to cut out diet sodas to save your allowance for dessert. Even then, it is better not to have dessert with every meal. Low carb desserts can be something special that you look forward to once a day or less.

If you are eating a lot of low carb desserts and finding that your weight loss has stalled, you might have to consider cutting down on the Splenda or even cutting it out completely for a week. This may seem difficult if you have a very sweet tooth but it could have huge benefits.

Some research has suggested that even artificial sweeteners can cause blood sugar and insulin spikes in some people. It is as if the sweet taste alone sets off a reaction and the body produces insulin the same way as it would if you had eaten sugar. This is not good because it can give you very low energy at some points in the day.

So if you find yourself feeling very tired a couple of hours after eating, or suddenly needing a snack even though you are not really hungry, consider cutting out the sweeteners. Those low carb desserts could be messing with your blood sugar levels and causing you to crave all kinds of bad foods.

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