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How Do I Really Lose Weight?


How To Lose Your Belly Fat or Gut

Rather than lose weight proportionately, many people would like to get rid of fat in specific parts of their bodies. One such body part that is the focus of many weight loss woes, male and female alike, is the belly (also known less-than-fondly as the ‘gut’).

Exercises such as crunches that build your abdominal muscles will certainly benefit your overall metabolism and thus help you lose weight throughout your body. They will not, however, focus their fat-melting benefits on your belly any more than your thighs, face, or rear end. Your new muscles will simply be hidden beneath those minimally diminished layers of fat.

Weight loss paraphernalia – rubber belts, body wraps, creams, special clothing – all do little more to melt belly fat than to induce a degree of sweating, yet another false form of weight loss. Water-weight loss is easily regained.

It is a total myth that you can slim up a particular area of your body by working that part of your body out. There’s even a name for this false belief; they call it “spot reducing” and it’s a dead end road. The truth of it is: you cannot tell your body where to lose the fat from.

Everyone’s body processes and distributes fat differently. We each have our own shape and the sad and simple fact of it is that the areas on our bodies where new fat we put on is first inclined to appear are the very last spots for that fat to come off when we lose weight.

If fat shows up in your belly first, then understand now that it’ll be the last part of your body to lose the weight, meaning that the only way to achieve any weight loss in that area is to put yourself on a total body weight loss and management program.

To lose weight from fat, and maintain your ideal weight, requires a habitual program of realistic and achievable behavior modifications to reshape the way you live your life, those modifications being in the areas of:


  • Graze - eat fewer large meals and more frequent smaller ones
  • Count Calories - eat the right amount of calories per day for your metabolism
  • Read Labels - get the most nutritional value out of the calories you eat
  • Limit Fat - cut down on oils and fatty foods in general and avoid fried foods altogether


  • Work Out - exercise more (and more effectively), including both cardiovascular/aerobic and weight-lifting/resistance training
  • Just Move It - increase your general level of activity

You can lose that unwanted belly fat, but not overnight, and not without a concerted and determined effort on your part. The reward, however, is that in the process of losing that belly fat you’ll be slimming down proportionately along every part of your body.

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