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What Are The Benefits Of The Low Carb Diet?


Read The 6 Principles Of Low Carb Diets

A low carb diet plan is based around certain principles, made famous by Dr Robert Atkins but now shared by many other low carbohydrate diets. These principles are:

1. Zero Carbohydrate Foods

You can eat as much as you truly want of the no carbohydrate foods like meat, fish and oils. Of course you shouldn't eat just for the sake of eating, or because you are bored, etc. But you will find that you are less likely to do that on a low carb diet. After the first few days, you will not think about food so much.

With these foods you can create some of the tastiest dishes. Be sure to use plenty of the unlimited foods for variety and enjoyment. That will help you stick to your low carb diet plan.

2. Low Carbohydrate Foods

Foods like green vegetables, cheese, eggs, nuts and seeds have some carbohydrate in them. You can eat them but you need to keep a check on how much you have.

Different diets manage this in different ways. The Atkins low carb diet plan limits you to certain amounts of vegetables and cheese. You can have your five a day but you must choose from the list of allowed vegetables. Eggs are unlimited but must be counted. Nuts and seeds are not allowed in the induction phase (the first two weeks) but can be reintroduced later in small portions.

Any low carb diet plan will have a minimum amount of vegetables that you must eat. This is not optional. Please do not make the mistake of thinking that cutting out the carbohydrates in vegetables will help you lose weight faster - it won't. It is very dangerous to cut out this source of essential vitamins, minerals and fiber. So please eat your greens!

3. High Carbohydrate Foods

High carb foods are anything made with grains or flour, corn, potatoes and other starchy vegetables. Most fruits are also high in carbs. Most of these foods will be banned in the induction phase of your low carb diet plan. After that, you may reintroduce some of them.

However, potatoes, bread, rice, corn, pasta and other grain products are usually off limits until you are close to your goal weight. Even a small amount can easily knock you out of ketosis and stall your weight loss.

4. Water

It is vital to drink enough water when you are following a low carb diet plan. This means a minimum of 2 liters pure water a day - the famous 8 x 12 oz glasses. Like the vegetables, this is not optional.

The reason that water is so important on a low carbohydrate diet is that it helps flush toxins through the kidneys. A low carb diet plan can be more stressful for the kidneys than other types of diet, especially if you are eating more protein than you are used to. Water can help to prevent kidney damage.

5. Exercise

Doing a little exercise every day is important too. What you need to do depends on where you are now in terms of fitness. You don't have to go to the gym if you don't want to. The minimum would be a 10 or 15 minute walk in the beginning, for somebody who is not at all fit. Then you can gradually increase this.

Exercise helps us to burn calories and stay healthy. It also helps the body to adjust as you lose weight. If you lose a lot of weight without toning up, you will end up with a lot of floppy skin instead of the perfect body of your dreams.

6. Supplements

Most low carb books recommend taking a good multi vitamin and mineral supplement, especially in the early stages of the diet. This helps to make up for any deficiencies that we may have built up from having poor eating habits in the past, and to balance the low carb diet plan if we are not eating a lot of fruit and vegetables.

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