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How To Improve Your Mood with Visualization

Have you ever felt stuck in a bad mood and couldnít seem to let it go no matter what you did? At times like this it seems like everything around you just keeps going wrong, exacerbating your negative focus and keeping you stuck.

There are many ways to improve your mood in this type of situation, but one of the quickest and easiest is through the use of creative visualization. Below are three simple visualization techniques you can use to boost your mood and change a negative mind-set into a positive one:

1. Mentally change your current situation

When youíre feeling stuck in unpleasant circumstances, obsessing about them only makes them seem stronger and more difficult, which keeps you feeling stuck. However, with visualization you can change the situation in your own mind so that it has a completely different outcome!

Think about the way your current situation is, and ask yourself how youíd like it to be. Then, close your eyes and make it happen! Start at the beginning (you can even start at the very beginning of your day if you want), and mentally work through the situation(s) until you reach the present moment, but make everything go the way YOU want it to go.

For example, if youíre having a bad day at work, imagine having a better day where youíre smiling, feeling productive and enjoying your work. It may take several minutes to shift your feelings to match your new mental image, but itís well worth the effort!

2. Think about something wonderful from your past

If youíre having trouble imagining a better outcome in your current situation, you can fall back on a previous experience that made you feel happy and carry those feelings into the present moment. Think about the day you got married, your first kiss, or the time you received a heartwarming gift. Whatever memory you choose, make sure itís wonderful and exciting and brings back a warm glow of joy and gratitude! Relive it in your mind and allow yourself to feel those good feelings again.

3. Imagine a better future

You can also use this same process to transport yourself to a better time in the future. Think about something wonderful you want to have happen at a future time and imagine that itís happening now! Fantasize about the day when you finally achieve your long-term goals, win the lottery, or meet your soul mate. The specifics donít matter except that they leave you feeling excited and happy.

The trick with all of these visualization exercises is to really allow yourself to feel the feelings that the visions inspire! Just seeing the images in your mind is only the beginning part of the process. When you fully immerse yourself in these positive emotions, youíll carry them into your present situation and end up feeling much lighter and calmer.

Itís important to note that youíll probably have to use a bit of determination to shift your mood, even with the use of visualization. Ultimately, itís up to you if you choose to stay stuck in negative feelings or find a way to let them go. While these techniques wonít change anything in your outer circumstances, youíll be changing the way you PERCEIVE your circumstances Ė which makes you feel more positive . . . and thatís the whole point!

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