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There is no question that what we sleep on can affect the quality of our sleep. Ostensibly we spend up to a third of our lives in bed (an average estimate of course!). So hopefully we can make that as comfortable and refreshing an experience as possible.

But how do you know if your bed is the problem? For some it may be obvious. They may wake up stiff. Or their own health issues, such as having to deal with arthritis, may leave them with no doubt that something is missing. What may be an indicator is if you find that you sleep better away from home. Now, it may be that the reason is due to being away from certain areas of stress and anxiety. However, many will comment on how nice a new bed will feel. At the very least it provides you with a comparison and a starting point.

The size of the mattress can make a difference in sleep, especially if you're a tall individual and can't stretch out properly. And it can make an improvement for couples if they choose a larger bed that allows them to move freely and not disturb the other one's sleep. As everyone has a preference with regard to how firm a mattress should be, there is the option of putting two matching smaller beds together. One modern company offers a bed that allows you to choose the number of the firmness you want for your side of the mattress. This is gaining in popularity.

Other options include specialized foam mattresses that provide firmness but mold ideally to the contours of a person's body. If in doubt as to it's effectiveness, companies will sometimes arrange for you to try it for a period of at least a month.

When searching for the just the right bed, don't be shy about testing them out in the showroom. Wear loose clothing - remove your shoes - and give it a go. If you're a couple, then it's important that the two of you try it out together to find if the firmness or softness suits you both and to be sure there is plenty of moving around space.

If you can't afford a new mattress right away, you might want to look into adding a padded foam over the top of the old mattress. Foams have come a long way since the days they first appeared and curled (literally) up on your bed. It can be amazing what an added inch or two of cushion foam can do for one's rest.

And let's not forget that some individuals just love sleeping on a water bed. They find it lulls them to sleep. Water beds have really improved over the years and may be the answer for some.

Keep in mind too that if allergies are a part of your life - a proper bed and bedding is essential to eliminate one more obstacle to getting good rest.

Whatever direction you take, it is wise to take the time to investigate all the options that may be open to you. It's an investment that is meant to last for years. It's not a cheap investment by any means but getting the restful sleep we need to face the day productively is definitely worth it.

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