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Fall Asleep Faster: Relaxation Tips

Chill out. Relax. Does anyone ever tell you this as a way to get to sleep? Better said than done! If you have problems sleeping, you probably have tried practically anything and everything to catch a restful snooze. The thing of it is you may not know how to relax properly. Oh, you along with many others may think you do, but relaxation is almost an art form, something that you have to really concentrate on to get right. And because everyone has their own styles, tastes and interests, one relaxation technique may work for one person but not you.

First of all, letís talk a little about what relaxation tips might do for you, generally speaking. Sleep might come more quickly if you are relaxed. And when you sleep, your mood improves and your energy level is higher. You have more patience and humor. Stress and tension factors ease up thanks to relaxation techniques that help you sleep. Getting that good nightís sleep is the linchpin that really holds all facets of your life together. Why not try and give some relaxation tips another try?

As mentioned before, relaxing means different things to different people. You may wind down by watching a good movie on television while another person goes for a run. A cup of herbal tea or soaking in a hot tub can also be relaxing to the right person. However, the relaxation tips we are going to talk about today go even deeper. They will help you in a physiological sense and go straight to the deeper issues of anxiety and stress. The following relaxation tips and techniques require focus and active participation in order to help resolve those factors that hinder sleep.

Picturing yourself somewhere else is one relaxation technique and is also known as visual imagery. Think about the most peaceful, calming scene you can think of. It could be a visualization of ocean waves lapping at the beach sand or flying a kite on a beautiful sunny day in a wildflower meadow. No matter what it is, you just have to focus on that particular scene and displace yourself from the worries and stress that is in your life. Add details to this scene and imagine feeling the warmth of the sun or breathing in the salty ocean air. The more you focus on this scene and imagine all the little details, the more likely that tension you are harboring in your body will release.

Deep and controlled breathing is another strategy that could possibly be relaxing to you. This breathing technique is often effective for the simple reason that you are focusing on your breathing, something that is normally an involuntary reflex. You start by taking a deep breath slowly through your nose for three to five seconds, then exhaling through your mouth for another three to five seconds. Continue repeating this breathing exercise while at the same time visualizing that the tension is slowly leaking out of your body, much like the air escaping from a balloon. Many people say that by focusing on their breathing, they are making a more conscious effort to take in oxygen into their bodies, which has a light rejuvenating effect.

The muscles in your body contribute greatly to stress and therefore affect your sleeping habits. A muscle relaxation technique utilizes not only the muscles in your body but also some of the breathing tips listed in the above paragraph. As you breathe in for the three to five seconds, start by contracting a muscle group in one part of your body. Beginning from your head and neck on down your body is a good plan. When you exhale, you release the muscle group you were contracting. You repeat this technique as many times as necessary going through facial muscles to the neck to the shoulders and back and even all the way to your pinkie toes.

As with all things, if it is something you want to do well and be worth your while, you are going to have to practice. The same philosophy applies to these relaxation techniques. They may not work the first, second or even third time you try them. But if you stick to it, one of them just may prove to be a winner in helping you relax so that you can fall asleep.

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