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In the infuriating battle against insomnia and all other related issues that work to foil our getting a good rest, it becomes apparent that a number things come into play. We may be suffering from health problems, there may be a great deal of anxiety in our current situation, or there may be environmental factors that irritate us. So the challenge for each of us is to analyze and perhaps make a note of as many aspects as we can in order to eliminate or at least mitigate their negative effect.

From natural medicines and treatments to the foods we eat and our daily routine there are a number of changes we can begin to change. There are, as well, different products available that can help you improve the rest you get.

First up, as usual, is the vast reservoir of research available. It should be the first priority to reach a better understanding of your symptoms. There are a number of books that can assist you in narrowing down the possible causes of your insomnia so that you can focus your time, energy and money. A detailed guide is a worthwhile investment. From there it is suggested that you monitor and write down your routine for a few weeks - your activities, your drinks and meals, the quality of your days, the times you try to go to sleep and the over all pattern of your sleep. This may give you immediate insight into the underlying cause.

For some individuals to get to sleep they require near absolute quiet. There are a variety of earplugs that comfortable mold to your ears and will help to mute ambient noise. Others may find it soothing and restful to have quiet music in the background. Or, what is referred to as 'white noise' that also serves to block jarring outside noises. And if the white noise is in the form of the sound of the ocean or a rainstorm it can help to transport you away from the stresses and worries of the day for a while and lull you to sleep. Besides devices as small as radios that produce this sound there are traditional CDs that provide a varied selection. Some even find the quiet hum of a small fan to be sufficient.

There may be a need to completely block out any light as a measure to sleeping well. There are face and eye masks that slip lightly and comfortably over the face. Sometimes they can be accented with natural soothing oils such as mint or lavender which have proven effectively soothing for certain individuals.

Another interesting option that may prove worthwhile to investigate is using a small magnetic pulse device. These can be put in mattresses or wristwatches. There are claims that these devices serve to stimulate a sleep response.

In considering the whole aspect of sleep it is good to remember that your waking period can be made more pleasant by buying a clock that produces a gradual light or some pleasant sound that starts softly. This added enhancement may be an investment that helps to promote a complete restful experience.

There is no question that what we sleep on may well be affecting how we sleep. So while buying a different bed or mattress may cost a lot it may be for the best in the long run. It can be a real challenge sifting through the varieties offered but there is certainly a fair amount of science that is currently going into find the perfect one. At the very least we can start by taking a look at our pillows and covers to be sure that we are getting the support and comfort that we need. People can go for years and not change their pillows for example, and a poor head and neck support can create sleep issues.

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