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Reduce Nighttime / Evening Stimulation

The more relaxed you are before you begin your nighttime routine the more successful you will be. An hour before going to bed itís a good idea to reduce any type of external stimulation that could be causing your mind and body to remain overly alert.

Avoid watching television since watching television keeps your senses active.

If you find yourself unable or reluctant to give up that last hour of television try to choose programming that is more relaxing rather than violent and action filled.

Never watch television in your bedroom. Your mind and body need to separate the event of sleeping from the action of watching television.

Do not exercise two to three hours before bed. Exercise will increase your blood flow and heart rate, thus awakening your mind and body. This is the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. Reserve exercise for the earlier part of the day to ensure that you get the most out of your physical routine.

Try to avoid going to bed immediately after you have been out for the evening. Your mind will be stimulated from outside events and you may find it difficult to relax sufficiently enough to complete your nighttime routine.

Adjust your evening hours so that you are returning home with plenty of time to complete a bedtime routine you have designed for yourself.

Light reading may be included in your nighttime routine, especially if you find that reading makes you drowsy. Avoid reading anything too stimulating, such as work-related material or text books.

This will be a personal preference and over time you will discover what catapults your mind into a state of relaxation and what increases your thinking activity.

Make note that you don't want to fall asleep in bed with the light on. This will likely cause you to awaken at some point during the night, effectively sabotaging your efforts to establish your sleep routine.

The goal is to find an equal balance in your life between relaxation and stimulation.

The easier and faster that you can relax in the evening the more successful you will be when it comes to falling asleep naturally.

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