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Get A Restful Night's Sleep

The methods outlined in this online eLearning guide can help you achieve sleep filled, restful nights without resorting to dangerous narcotics and other drugs.

Itís a good idea to try one or two of the methods at first, then add others as necessary to find a strategy that works for you. Choose a technique that appeals to you that you can begin immediately and stick with it.

In some cases you may need to be disciplined and determined if your goal is to avoid the use of prescription medication. When you first start applying some of the techniques described here, stick to the same bedtime schedule for a week or two.

A good idea is to keep track of your sleeping habits using a sleep log to record bedtime, wake time and any details regarding your sleeping patterns and the techniques you have used to aid in the sleep process on any given night.

After you have observed how your body and your own specific metabolism have adjusted to your new treatments, you can begin modifying your routine to incorporate more or less of the methods described in this guide as needed. Be sure to note adjustments to your treatment in your sleep log.

Remember, as with any health issue, never hesitate to consult your doctor if your symptoms raise concern for your overall health.

Your doctor can work with you to determine the best treatment for your case, including the natural remedies outlined in this guide. The most important thing is your health.

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