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Top 6 Symptoms of Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is something that many people across the world deal with on a daily basis. Poor self image and lack of confidence leads to a fearful mindset. This article will show you several symptoms of low self-esteem that you can use to see if you, or someone you know, fit(s) the bill.

1. Inability to make decisions.

A person suffering from low self-esteem often has extreme difficulty making decisions for themselves or others. You’ll rarely find them in managerial or supervisory positions simply because they lack the ability to make good decisions in a timely manner.

2. Enormous amount of shame.

Poor self-esteem always causes a sense of shame inside a person. They are ashamed because they don’t look a certain way or act in a way they think others expect them to. Shame is often a driving factor for someone suffering from low self-esteem.

3. The need to be perfect.

One of the major signs of poor self-esteem is the incessant need for that person to be perfect. A huge majority of perfectionists embrace that frame of mind because they think by being “perfect” they will please others or make others like them more.

4. Inability to handle criticism.

The lack of confidence a person with low self-esteem has causes them to be unable to accept or handle rejection or criticism. When presented with such a circumstance, a person with low self-esteem often retreats or becomes depressed because of a comment made by someone else.

5. Overly pessimistic and/or critical.

In order to protect their own feelings, a person with low self-esteem often takes out their inner feelings on others. They become extremely critical, especially of those closest to them. They are often pessimistic, and can rarely see the positive in any situation, let alone hope for the best.

6. Constantly worries about the future.

A person with low self-esteem tends to “predict” the future by worrying constantly about things that “might” happen. They find it difficult to simply live in the moment and have an intense fear of bad things to come.

Do you or someone you know fit the bill.

End the cycle.

Do something about it.

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