How To Write Killer Resumes & Get The Job You Want!
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The Purpose Of Your Resume

Your resume is an important tool that communicates all about YOU. When it does the job right, you win an interview.

Your resume doesn't simply provide a prospective employer with your work history. It speaks loud and clear that you have the credentials needed to be a complete success in this new position or career.

Your resume will attract immediate attention. The reader will want to pick it up and read it top to bottom. Interest will be stimulated. An interview will be arranged.

Your resume will contain:

  • Your contact information, i.e. name, address, phone, email address, website address.
  • A defined job objective.
  • A work history.
  • Educational history.
  • Affiliations.
  • References.

ALSO: Your resume will be written using professional grade printing and paper.



Resume Presentation is Key

An employer will have hundreds of boring resumes to pour through. This means in order for something to cathc their eye, it must really pop out.

Your resume must impress within the first 5-10 seconds or it will not impress at all. Employers will quickly scan all resumes and then grab those that catch their eyes best.

To write a really effective resume, you will use powerful statements that will impress. This is very important, but, you do not want to oversell. There is a very fine line here and you will learn all about it.

Above all, you will make honest statements about yourself. They will be strong statements and 100% true, or they will not be effective at all.

Just as you would sell any product that you believe in strongly, you will learn to sell the product that is you. Once you have learned to do this, you will find that you will get a better response from a prospective employer than other prospects do and even those with better credentials. It is all in how you market your product!

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