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Resume Writing

> What is the most important thing to include on my resume?

Jeff: The single most important thing to include on your resume is... RESULTS. I cannot stress this enough, yet so many people fail miserably at it when writing their resume. Keep this in mind: your future boss is going to hire the person who can do more, get more done, do it faster or create more profits for the company. Make sure this describes YOU. Here are some examples, You'll catch my drift.

I placed orders to restock
I placed $100,000 worth of orders per month & coordinated with 10 separate manufacturers to restock merchandise.
I hired and trained staff. I hired and trained 100 new staff members per year for 5 years. Also created an employee handbook now used by the company.
I hired and trained staff using techniques I developed which saved the company $1,000 per year per new employee.
I did customer service. I successfully managed 100 customer service calls totaling $50,000 per day gross revenue in a fast-paced atmosphere.
I am proficient with Microsoft
Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
I am proficient with Microsoft Word – including merging lists, mailings, and creating macros for multiple lists and 4,000 names.
I am proficient with Microsoft Excel – developed a profit/loss spreadsheet which company executives use for up to the minute financials, future spending and budgeting a $10 million project.
I am proficient with Microsoft Powerpoint – including creating presentations that are used for corporate stockholders meetings and financial presentations.

> Should I write my resume myself or pay someone to do it for me?

Jeff: If you are a whiz at writing, do it yourself. If you're like the rest of us, here's my suggestion. Write out as much as you can, then hand it to a pro who can turn it into a work of art. Your resume represents you. Make sure when you send it to an employer it's the best it can be. Employers look at hundeds if not thousands of resumes for any job opening. Yours needs to stick out above the rest in that 5-10 second glance before it hits the trash can. If you are researching who to complete your masterpiece, start here, here and here.

> How important is my cover letter, really?

Jeff: It's very important. You are both introducing yourself and telling your potential employer why he or she should even bother looking at your resume. In 1 -2 brief paragraphs you're making your case why you think you are a fit for their company.


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