How To Write Killer Resumes & Get The Job You Want!
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Wow Your Potential Employer

First of all, who are you writing this resume for? Your prospective employer will be the one who oversees the day to day operations of the company you want to join.

They make the hiring decisions and they are entirely invested in ensuring that you are the right one for the job. This person will care about whether or not you can do a good job for that company and so this is the one you are writing your resume for.

You want to be sure that you are the right candidate for the job. You want to be sure you know everything there is to know about this company. You want to understand exactly, which qualities are needed to be the right candidate for this job.

You want to be sure you are not just a good candidate for this job, but, that you are the best candidate for this job.

Time to start writing

This is the time to put pen to paper and to lay out clearly what your prospective employer is looking for in an ideal candidate. You need to be able to solidify what it is that you bring to the table, even before you begin.

Jot down every fine point about your training and experience, your unique characteristics, special talents, even your attitude -- everything that shows you most qualified for the job you seek.

If you are new to the job market, be creative and draw upon your upbringing, life exposure and anything that can account for your unique experience and qualities.

You will begin to connect the dots during this process. Simple statements will turn into sentences and sentences into paragraphs. Keep this information in a safe place. You will use it later to be incorporated into your finished product.


Elements of a Resume That Will Impress

The primary element of an ideal resume contains powerful and assertive statements about your talents, characteristics and accomplishments. No need to be shy. You are going for the gold so sell yourself with all that is in you!

The secondary element of an ideal resume will show “you know your stuff” and know it well. This will be proven by education, experience, work history and any other relevant affiliations that shows the prospective employer that you are a person of substance and not only of design.

Keep in mind that the more standard resume will simply be a chronological account of a very boring life and most people will not give it a second glance. Write your resume to be interesting and even impressive and watch as your phone rings for that important interview.

You will write a resume that does much more than just inform; you will write a resume that compels to action! Your resume will become as a good bargaining tool. Your prospective employer will be interested and will stand up and take notice. This is exactly what you want.

Be bold about your assertive statements, but, not too bold. Leave them wanting for more. Tease a bit with nuggets of information and let them be interested to know more.

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