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Your Resume is a Work of Art

Now that we have covered the most basic elements of an impressive resume, letís take a look at some finer points.

Your resume will be written to look appealing to the eye. This is best accomplished by keeping in mind:

  • Structure looks clean and flows well.
  • Very easy to read/not at all complicated.
  • Easily understood with simple wording and phrases.
  • Contains good overall balance.
  • Not crowded/contains plenty of white space.
  • Sections are concise and shorter when possible.

All formatting should be offered consistently. Not too heavy on the bolding, italics and underlining. This should only be used for best effect and not in uniformity.

Your resume will be your front line of communication. Before you meet your prospective employer, your employer will meet you via your resume.

Your resume will be error free. This means free or typoís, improper spelling, poor grammar, lack of punctuation and no errors in facts.

Key Information Included In Your Resume:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Positions held list
  • Reverse chronological order
  • Education credentials
  • Degrees attained
  • Targeted information as necessary

Positions Held List Will Include:/p>

  • Position title
  • Name of company
  • City and state of company
  • Years there
  • Earlier held positions can be summarized
  • Part time work can be excluded

Your resume will be targeted to show your suitability for the desired position. This position will be a goal you wish to achieve. You will be able to show how and why you are the best candidate for this position. Your resume will show you are uniquely qualified and should be chosen.

Your resume will contain no filler. You will only highlight your best and this will be expertly brought across by the use of strong, clear wording and phrases that are descriptive and colorful. Your resume writing will persuade and cause your employer to want to know more. You will hint at attributes, not giving out too much information. You want your employer to feel compelled to bring you in for the interview. Your resume will grab the eye through the use of design, formatting and proper balance.

Your resume will impact. The prospective employer will immediately grasp your meaning and will not feel the need to read through entirely.

Your resume will contain powerful words and statements that will convey a message of impressive credentials and experience. Show you will get the job done better than anyone else.

Write about your qualifications through clear statements about what you have accomplished. Donít bore them with long-running lists of your potential, talents, or previous job responsibilities.

Show the exact results of your targeted accomplishments. Make good use of adjectives to show the extent of your skills and experiences. This will show you are results-oriented.

Write to be concise and keep to the point. Write sentences as short and direct as you can. Eliminate all repetitions. Don't use several examples when one example has the same impact. Avoid trying to impress by using larger words. Be as direct as possible and avoid complex sentences.

Use good variety by offering short and punchy sentences along with sentences that are longer. Donít repeat a power verb within the same paragraph. Punctuate throughout for easy reading.

Create a work of art! Use the best supplies for your resume. Use a laser printer or an ink jet printer to produce the best results. Use a good-sized typeface (font) in 11 or 12 point. Use off-white, ivory or bright white 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper, in high quality. Submit a resume without smudges, staples and leave a generous border.

A shorter resume is often best, however, if what you need to write takes up 3 pages, then offer 3 pages. There is no hard and fast rule for resume length.

Just make certain you don't bore them with the details. Always leave them wanting to know more. Remember, you are marketing yourself and not your entire life history.

Add good variety. Break it down into sections. Your resume will contain no more than six lines of writing in any one writing section or paragraph (summary, skill section, accomplishment statement, job description, etc.) If you require more, start a new section or a new paragraph.

Submit an accurate telephone number with area code. Be sure the phone number on the resume will be answered in-person or by an answering machine, Monday through Friday, from 8-5pm. You want to be available when invited in for that important interview.

If you don't have an answering machine, buy one. Include your e-mail and fax numbers as an alternate means of reaching you.

Omit any kind of information that can be seen as being controversial, such as political affiliations.

Start each section with your most important information on the first line. This will be read the most.

Use bold caps to highlight. Your name, section headings, skill headings, titles or companies, degrees, and school name can all be written in boldface. Your name should be on top of each page of your resume.

Do NOT Put This Information On Your Resume

  • RESUME at the top of the your resume
  • Flowery "objective" statements
  • Salary information
  • Addresses of former employers
  • Why you left your previous jobs
  • The names of supervisors
  • Detailed references


While you definitely want to sell yourself, you want to do this honestly. Do not inflate the truth to put yourself in a better light. You will need to be able to back up all claims about yourself.

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