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What Is The Nesting Instinct?

During the final days of pregnancy, you can count on a nice burst of energy to infest you and make you go crazy around the house. It is very common for women to start having some serious energy the last weeks of pregnancy to prepare for the new baby. Donít overdo it and wear yourself out. The baby isnít going to be crawling through the bathroom anytime soon. Don't let yourself get carried away or you'll end up overtired. Most of the tasks at hand can be done while a newborn sleeps or is nestled in a swing. There are many ways to include family members, such as your partner, siblings and parents in the nesting process. Allow others to move heavy objects and you can work around them. Don't over do it, save some energy for labor and delivery, you will need it. The earlier you begin to nest the more you can pace yourself and not tire out.

An expecting mother's efforts to prepare herself and her surroundings for a new baby are instinctive. While you may already know what room you'll convert into a nursery and have installed numerous baby-proof safety devices in anticipation, your pregnancy may subconsciously stimulate your own natural drive to nest. On their own, cleaning out closets, purging antiquated or unsafe household relics and selecting soothing items to place in a room are actions we generally take for granted. Typically thought of as strong organizational skills or examples of efficiency, sorting through household items or updating the color of a room is really tasks on a to-do list. When you blend several of these instinctive behaviors together with the physical expectations and effects of having a baby, questions regarding the phenomenon of nesting begin to surface. The means of nesting can be as individual as each tiny footprint stamped on a birth certificate. The desire to put down roots or establish a more permanent home base and lifestyle guides us toward creating a sanctuary for our family to be safe and loved in. Nesting is generally associated with pregnant women. However, men also exhibit signs and feelings of nesting. These show up in the form of feeling the need to work on the yard, car or even search for a new job. Women should not feel inadequate if they are not urged to nest.

Scrubbing every surface of the house and where the baby might eventually be is probably not a good idea. Some good and not-so-tiring nesting ideas are laundry. Going through baby clothes, washing and folding can be a light and enjoyable activity. Getting to smell those fresh baby clothes and place them neatly in drawers for later use will bring a sense of excitement and relief the time to meet your baby is near. Decorating the crib and/or bassinette is great, too. Picking out what to put in it and how to arrange it will be fun and allow for some good shopping. Once the crib and other major furniture have been placed in the baby's room, you can enjoy arranging the small things such as where to put the changing table and swing. You can also decide where the place for the rocker and what lighting will work best. No heavy lifting, that is dad's job and he will like to be involved in nesting, too. Remember he is excited as well.

You and your partner can sit together and put the baby items together, such as swings, bouncies, high chairs, and other bassinet. This will allow you time to bond with each other while preparing for your new baby. Include other children for the new arrival of the new baby by having them draw pictures and hanging them in the baby's room. Have them help with cleaning items in the babyís room. This can helps the sibling-to-be feel involved and prepares them for the older sibling role.

The Nesting Instinct

Although the desire to nest usually occurs during pregnancy, there are several times in your life when you may find nesting helps express your personality and emotions:

  • During pregnancy.
  • When a child starts kindergarten.
  • Change of seasons.
  • Following the loss of a parent, spouse or close friend.
  • When a child leaves for college.

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