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Pregnancy Myths: Busted

You hear so much silly stuff when you are pregnant. Things you should do and things you shouldnít, and a whole array of other stuff. There are myths about craving, sickness, gender, multiples, and when you will deliver. None of them are proven fact and you need to learn to just laugh and enjoy them with out giving them too much thought. Your very well meaning great Aunt should just be smiled and nodded at and taken with a grain of salt. If you listen to every single thing you will hear in the next nine months you will go crazy and probably rip your hair out.

Predicting the babyís sex seems to be the biggest area of focus when it comes to pregnancy myths. They can even reach to conception and timing of sexual intercourse. Many people claim that timing sex can up your chances of a girl or boy, along with diet and an array of other things. This is not true. The evidence that these theories are using has been proven different and outdated. The latest reports link sex to what polarity the egg has when it is released. The egg and sperm have membranes that carry specific charges. The X and Y sperm have different charges and whichever one is the opposite of the eggís charge will get in. Like a magnet opposites attract and likes repulse. So it doesnít matter how, when, or where you had sex, what you get is a 50/50 chance.

During pregnancy many people will tell you an array of opinions to the sex your baby. Some say that if your carry in front and low it is a boy and if you carry all over and high, it is a girl. Not necessarily true. The way a woman carries is typical for her body structure and internal composition. Many women carry in a similar way each pregnancy no matter what sex each of her children are. So, even though this can be fun or aggravating to hear, it isnít true or proven. This is a harmless myth that doesnít impact the pregnancy whatsoever. Some people will ask you to do things that you should not to determine the sex. Donít stop taking any prescribed medications or vitamins unless that comes straight from your doctor. Donít ingest or breath in anything not recommended by your doctor, it isnít going to be true any way and could cause you are your baby harm.

Many people also say that the babyís heart rate can predict the sex of your baby, the faster it is means it is a girl, and if it is slower than it is a boy. The fact is that a baby of any sex should have a heart rate of between 110 and 160 beats per minute, and this can range from baby to baby and even change from the beginning of pregnancy to the end. The babyís heart rate tends to be slower at the beginning of pregnancy when the heart first learns to beat. As the pregnancy progresses, the rate increased during the first and second trimester to encourage blood flow and growth. By the third trimester, the babyís heart rate levels out to what it will be at birth. The only way to be 100% sure what sex you are having is to have a genetic test done while pregnant such as amniocentesis that will tell you which two sex chromosomes the baby has. Sonograms can tell you with a higher accuracy what you will be having, but are not 100%. Many people have thought to be having one sex to find a big surprise at delivery. Plus, not all babies cooperate during a sonogram or show a clear picture of the right part for determination.

Other myths of pregnancy include the hair your baby may or may not have. They say if you if have heartburn during your pregnancy you will have a baby with a full head of hair and if not, you may get a baldy. Well, the truth is that most women have heartburn at some point during their pregnancy. This is due to hormones and pressure put upon the digestive system as pregnancy progresses, not hair of any kind Heartburn is based on what you eat, not how much hair your baby will have. So take these myths in stride and just laugh. There are so many, anyone could write a book or three.

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