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Pregnancy: Having More than One Child?

If you just found out there is more than one baby in there you might have an array of emotions. It can range from feeling completely excited, or utter disbelief. Expecting multiples is an amazing thing for sure, but know it may not be the same as just carrying one baby. More than likely you will see you doctor more and be considered high risk. You weight, urine, and blood will be monitored very carefully and more so than with a single pregnancy. At some point, you have to deal with bed rest or the thought of premature labor. There is a lot of great information to help you know what to expect or possible face while carrying twins or more.

The importance of seeing your doctor as much as she or he wants canít be said enough. These check-ups are of utmost importance and might be more frequent, but necessary to monitor your health and your twins. You may find yourself in a place of higher counsel. You obstetrician will help you find resources that help parents with twins and more, and educate parents on the delivery issues and postpartum adjustments that more than one baby can require. You will be schooled on your higher risk and how to avoid gestational diabetes and severe swelling. Also you will learn what to expect if one or more of you belly pals wonít turn to a great vaginal direction for birth, and a cesarean section is needed. Even if you are lucky enough to not have to go to the doctor more often, you will probably be subjected to more tests due to the issue that are directly linked to carrying multiples. There is nothing better than delivering healthy babies and knowing what to expect.

When you are expecting multiples, make sure you eat plenty, even though your poor belly will get so big so fast. Try eating small amounts a lot or constantly nibbling. This will give all those babies all the nutrients they need and keep you fit and able to carry the extra baggage yourself. It will also help with nausea and heartburn, which you will probably get. Take you prenatal vitamin everyday and ask about extra folic acid and iron to prevent neural tube defects or anemia. Make sure you stay hydrated because those babies are going to give you plenty of bathroom trips. You need to make sure you can keep enough water in you to be safe. Drinking enough water will help keep early labor at bay, so guzzle up. As far as how much weight you need to gain, it all depends on how tall you are and how much your weighed pre-pregnancy. What you gain will also depend on how many babies you are carrying. You doctor will be of best assistance to you on that one.

Pregnancy Complications

There are lots of possible risks or complications with carrying and delivering multiples. Your risks are higher the more babies you carry due to the added stress on the mother and babies in the womb. No matter how cozy they are in there, they donít have the same amount of room to grow as big as if alone, so expect little babies. Donít think you are going to deliver 2 or 3 Gerber babies no matter how long you carry and how big you are. These guys will be little, which doesnít always mean not healthy, just smaller. You also might go into labor sooner. There is so much pressure in there because the babies are taking up so much room. Try not to worry. Premature babies are surviving at earlier and earlier ages now than ever and many live perfectly normal healthy lives with no complications. Bed rest is more likely to be a reality later in your pregnancy. Make sure you prepare in advance for that possibility. Make sure to keep your doctor informed of any strange symptoms you might develop. The more babies you have in there, the higher risk of gestational diabetes or preeclampsia (pregnancy induced high blood pressure). Also, be sure to make all ultra sound visits because multiple who share the same sac are in more danger to cord accidents and transfusion issues.

Labor and Delivery

Labor and delivery can go in many directions. There is no reason why you canít have a vaginal birth with some multiples, if they are positioned correctly and there is no danger to you or the babies. Usually if you are having three or more babies, you can expect a cesarean section for sure. This is the safest way to make sure all the babies make it out okay. With twins, though, here is no reason to have a C-section if you have no medical issues that would make a vaginal delivery dangerous. Even a breech baby can come out vaginally just fine if you have a good doctor and the right team. If you do have to have a C-section make sure you have asked questions and talked to others about what to expect during, after and at home. You may find you are a bit sore for some time and need some one to help you the first few weeks, especially with lots of babies.

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