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Pregnancy and Your Sex Life

Unless you have been given strict orders to not have sex during pregnancy, there is no reason physically why you canít. Sex during pregnancy does not harm the baby in any way. Your baby is safely tucked away in the womb, surrounded by a cushion of water. In fact the further along you get, sex will actually rock the baby asleep. That can very beneficial to a mom who wants to have some good love and then good nightís sleep. Be sure to talk to your partner about how you feel and listen to his needs as well. Intimacy is important and talking about what is going on, helps couples remain close and in understanding of each other.

Many people think you can cause a miscarriage from having sex and this is not true. If you are having a normal pregnancy and have not been put on any restrictions, sex will not cause a miscarriage. Unfortunately, if a woman is going to miscarry, she is going to no matter whether or not she refrains from sex. In a normal pregnancy sex is a good thing. It exercises the uterus and keeps the intimacy between partners alive.

The Changes of Pregnancy

Whether or not you are interested in sex while pregnant depends on you and your pregnancy. There are many women who with all the hormones and their side effects just canít muster enough energy to want sex. Others find that their sexual drive is in high gear and just canít get enough. It is normal to be in either of those two places or somewhere in between. Many women find that they have different drives with each pregnancy, so if you arenít in the mood this time donít be bummed out, it could be different next time. It is better not worry about whether your sex life has gone down or up and just focus on intimacy. It is different for all women. Some feel renewed with their new bodies and no birth control, while others just feel awful.

As the 3rd trimester waddles on, you might feel too big, or canít be comfortable to have sex. Other women find it a great opportunity to try new things and experiment with new positions. Donít forget about the men in your life. Many men have no problem with having sex while you are pregnant. For many men, the fact that their wife is carrying their child is the most spectacular thing in the world and they canít be close enough to them. They want the intimacy and crave to be sexually close to their wives. On the other hand there are men who get a bit freaked out. He might be afraid of hurting his wife with sex or canít imagine ďdesecratingĒ a pregnant woman. Some men find the ever-changing pregnant body not as appealing, like it serves a different function now. Open communication and listening to each other is very important during this time.

Many of the old faithful ways of having sex wonít be working as well and even dangerous as pregnancy progresses. Once you hit the four-month mark, no being on your back, ladies. The expanding uterus can cut off major blood vessels when lying on your back. Now it is time for some new sex positions. Get fun and creative. Remember you have all this extra blood flow and lubrication there right now, use it. This is a great time to experience an orgasm if you have never had one before, or have even better ones. Spooning is a great position and it allows you to lie on your left side, which is the best position for a pregnant lady. Pillows can be used to support a belly and legs, and you can even use a finger vibrator to help get things rocking. Climb on top ladies! You can be on top in two different directions, facing him or back to him. Either way it is sexy. As you get further along you can face backwards and he will not see your belly, so it will be like before you got pregnant. Keep a sense of humor, if things donít work the first time try new stuff and try again. There is a good chance that you will find sex even better than ever and even experience multiple orgasms. Your breasts might be very sensitive right now, so be sure to tell your partner what feels good and what is too much. Most men would rather know what makes you feel good than anything else.

For those ladies who either canít or just have no desire for sex, there are many other ways to be intimate and stay close to your partner. Cuddling, kissing, massage, caressing each other, or what ever else you like can be just as good. No matter what happens to your sex life during pregnancy, itís important to keep the lines of communication open. Talk and listen to each other and communicate what you want and need, and be respectful and receptive to your partners needs too. There are other ways to create intimacy during pregnancy.

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