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Best Ways To Baby Yourself During Pregnancy

Looking for an excuse to pamper yourself? There are many things you can do throughout pregnancy to make your self feel and look better. Not everything the pregnant woman does have to do with babies. She needs a little self-time too. There of a lot of things you can relinquish as well during these fascinating 9 months. No more cleaning out the cat boxes--bad, bad, bad. That now belongs to dad. No more heavy lifting or moving furniture. Other people will need to help with those “I am not supposed to do that” chores. Once all the hard stuff has been done, you can now enjoy shopping and decorating for the new baby. There are tons of things to buy and get and you can have so much fun doing it.

1) Shopping for maternity clothes with your partner or friend can not only be exciting but also relaxing. There are many shops that have maternity sections with really great clothing. You don’t have to spend a lot to be trendy. There a lot of maternity thrift shops and second hand stores that sell awesome like new and new maternity clothes for pennies. Add a great lunch out and a lot of laughter and this can be an awesome and totally fun day, with you at the center of attention.

2) Shopping for baby is also a great thing. Buying all those new baby clothes, bedding, toys, and extras is exciting and fun. You and your partner can make a many fun filled days of this throughout your pregnancy. Lunch or dinner with a bit of baby magic can bond both of you to this new addition to the family. Make sure if you have other children you get a sitter. This should be a special day or evening for two. This is meant to be relaxing and fun, and spending the whole time tending to excited children will not be relaxing or fun.

3) Take a day to yourself. Get a massage, a facial, a waxing and a makeover. You are pregnant, not dead. You should revel in the fact that you are glowing and your hair, nails, and skin are all gorgeous. Make a day of it and revel in your own beauty. What a surprise to the daddy-to-be when he comes home to a spectacular pregnant wife.

4) Have an intimacy day often. On this day, you and your partner can lay in bed with food and candles. Rub and caress each other, have him rub coco butter on you belly, hips and thighs. Even get and give massage. Touch is the key to the bond in a relationship. Enjoy each other; make love, caress, talk, laugh, and play. This lets you both know you are still attractive, wanted and desired.

5) Take a nap, and as often as you can or want. Sleep is important for the mommy-to-be and refreshes the soul. So what if there is housework to be done or a sink full of dishes, they are not going anywhere. The more rest you get the more you will feel good and be able to accomplish the things you want. This will also help you from swelling in the last trimester.

6) Go out on the town and dress up. Many people think that once they are pregnant they can’t do anything. Take some of those great new outfits that flatter your new pregnant belly and take a trip around town. Go out to dinner and go dancing, take in a movie, bowling, or whatever you enjoy doing the most. Now is a great time to learn scrapbooking so you can get ready for the baby. Just make sure you look nice and are treated like a queen.

7) Have a chore day once a month. This is the day where you are the only one who does not do anything around the house. Dad and other children will do the laundry, cook, clean, and tend to the rigors of daily life, while you sit with your feet up and relax. There will be no time for relaxation once a new baby is in town. So get it as much as you can now and relish in every minute of it.

8) Make a cast of your pregnant belly. There are plenty of these kits available at craft stores and online. This is a great way to remember your pregnancy and have something to show the baby when he/she gets older. This is a lot of fun and you and dad can even put your handprints on the tummy if you like.

9) Get prenatal massage by a licensed therapist. This will help to reduce stress, physically and emotionally and will help during labor. Going at least twice a month will make many of your pregnancy ailments decrease and increase your energy.

10) Treat yourself to a sinful sweet treat once a month. Forget about gaining weight or heartburn. Grab the Tums and go for your favorite dish or dessert. It will make you feel better and satisfy your craving at the same time.

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