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Overdue Pregnancy:
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You are pregnant and you have waited for 40 weeks to meet this new person you have been making. Now you are still waiting and waiting and waiting some more. What to do? Well there are many points of view on this and no one really agrees. There are several standard protocols that are met prior to an induction, usually, but there are those doctors that will induce you the day of you EDD (estimated due date). What works best for you and what your doctor does, as standard in his or her practice, is based on each patientís individual case. Here are some common ways to speed up your progress and medical treatments to try before resulting to induction.

First thing to consider is that only 5% of babies actually make their appearance on their EDD. Then you have to think about the fact that you really never know EXACTLY when you released the egg during your cycle. Many women donít ovulate in the middle of their cycle, so you may not really be due yet. So, relax a bit, your journey is almost over and you will miss it once it is gone. Try some home methods for inducing labor. Go for a walk, and not just any walk, a vigorous long one. Waddle as fast as those pregnant legs can carry you, as you do the babyís head will continuously hit the cervix. This will help soften it and make it dilate, which will start labor. Walk a lot and many times a day. Try drinking some red raspberry leaf tea. Not just raspberry, raspberry leaf. This has been known to stimulate uterine contractions and start labor, hence why you should never use till you are in your last month of pregnancy. Drink 3-4 cups per day and donít be surprised if you start getting at the least minor contractions.

Go to a massage therapist who specializes in pregnancy massage. They know where the uterine points are on the body and feet and when pressure is applied they cause labor and/or contractions to start. Some women start having this type of work done 2 weeks prior to their EDD to make sure that the cervix starts thinning early. Also, a good acupuncturist can stimulate these points even better, which will bring better results. This might be a great investment in the last month of pregnancy. Donít forget that good old fashion sex can also trigger labor. As the cervix ripens, it becomes more receptive to the chemicals in the semen and triggers contractions. Find a good position with lots of pillows and have some good old fashion romping. This will be the last time until well after the baby arrives. Think of it as a good cause, it makes your partner happy and makes your baby come sooner.

When these methods arenít working, it is time to have your membranes stripped. Your doctor or midwife will have you lay down as if getting a pelvic exam. They reach a few fingers into the vagina and rip the membranes from the cervix. This is done with a not-so-comfortable twirl of these digits in you. The amniotic sac is attached to the cervix and stripping it off makes it weak. Also the twirling motion disturbs the cervix. For most women, full labor comes in 12-24 hours after this procedure. This is not comfortable, but doesnít hurt after it is done. By the time you get home you will only have mild cramps. Afterwards, try the walking, sex, and red raspberry leaf tea, it will improve your chances.

You have now had all of the above done and still your child is determined to come out when he or she can go to college. Before running to the pitocin drip, ask to have either the seaweed or Prostin gel, or both, stuck on your cervix. This will cause the cervix to ripen and bring on contractions. It wonít prolong anything, and will put in before a pitocin drip is done anyway. Ask to give it 24 hours to work as long as your water has not broken yet.

When trying to make labor start, please keep your due date in mind. Never try to induce labor before your baby is due. Inducing labor too early can cause a host of medical problems for the baby. Babies that arrive more than two or three weeks early are prone to breathing difficulties, jaundice and low birth weight. It is always best to use these methods as a last resort option.

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