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Mom's Mood Swings During Pregnancy

Mood swings are very common during pregnancy. A woman is flooded with an abundance of hormones that can wreck havoc on her mind. All women respond differently to the hormones and not all women have the same type of moodiness or the same duration. Many expecting mothers have a wide range of emotions that go from excited, depressed, anxious, or any other combination. Most women have their major mood changes in the beginning of pregnancy when their bodies are trying to adjust to the new hormones. They tend to peak at about 6 to 10 weeks along.

The second trimester seems to have some relief, just for the moodiness to come back during the last trimester. Many women are very excited to find out they are pregnant and may have even been trying to conceive for some time. The new hormones can make a women doubt her decision to be a mother and she can get very upset. Remember, you are not alone and many are going through the same thing. Impeding parenthood can flood your mind with all kinds of worries, being a good mom, finances, relationships, and health of the baby. These are all normal and most women get a little freaked out at first from all the hormones. All these things work out and you have plenty of time to plan.

Even a planned pregnancy can leave you with mixed feelings about the pregnancy and what's ahead. There is so much pressure on parents today and it is no wonder why anxieties run high for a few months. You spend all your time reading the right books on pregnancy, parenting, baby stuff, and development; it can become very overwhelming. As all this is going on, you know your body is changing and you are feeling less attractive. You might wonder if your partner still finds you sexy. Pregnancy has a lot of stress and don’t be surprised to feel a bit insecure and over emotional at times. You are worried about getting fat and if you will lose all the pregnancy weight. You might be too sick or tired to exercise and feel like you can’t catch up. Nausea, heartburn, tiredness, constant bathroom trips are also a burden and you just don’t feel like you. It is normal to feel as if you have lost control of your body and mind.


Remind your self over and over that this is normal right now. Your body and mind are under hormonal influence. Make a concerted effort to nurture you right now and try not to over worry about things.

• Take it easy. Don’t think you have to do every single little thing before the baby arrives. Reorganizing the entire house and working your self to death at work is not going to help ease your mind, let alone your body. Make sure you are taking care of you first; this will help to reduce your stress and worries.

• Bond with your partner: Make sure to let your partner know what is going on in your head. If he knows why you are so upset, even if the reason is “I don’t know”, he will feel more in control and able to help. The last thing you want to do is have a fit. You will make your partner feel like they did something. Talk to one another and have together time. This will let you both know you are still in love and bring you closer.

• Do something that makes you feel good about yourself. Set some time aside for you and your partner. Go out to eat or for a walk. Try doing something for you like a massage or facial. Going shopping can be fun and relaxing.

• Talk it out. Make sure you talk about your worries with your partner and listen to his. This will help keep communication open and stay in tune with each other. Make it a two-way street. Use this time to listen and speak, exchange ideas, worries and laughs.

• Manage your stress. Reduce the stress in your life. If something really makes you anxious avoid it and talk out your feelings. Get plenty of rest, eat well, exercise, and have some fun. Make changes in your life to rid you of unnecessary stress, such as trimming your “to-do” list. Also try prenatal yoga, meditation and other relaxation techniques, or consult a professional counselor.

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