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Kegel Exercises Before and After Childbirth

Kegel exercises are designed to strengthen the muscular floor of the pelvis and have a great many benefits. The most functional is avoiding urinary incontinence. As you get older and have more children, there is a higher risk of forming some kind of urinary incontinence. Many women have problems with dribbling when they laugh, cough, or sneeze. If this is not dealt with early it can lead to an early onset of full incontinence, when the bladder has lost all control. There are exercises that can be done without anyone knowing to tone these muscles and give one better control and reduce the risk of having a leaky bladder now or later. Kegels are easy and effective. They get the job done really well and donít interfere with life in any way. You can do them while sitting, standing, taking a shower, cooking dinner, as you read this, and any other time no matter what your vagina is doing. In fact, doing them while having sex is a good thing for everyone involved. All you have to do is squeeze the vagina and perineal area as if you are trying to hold in urine. Do this for 5-7 seconds multiple times in a row and many times a day, you wonít be disappointed.

Now the incredible part about Kegels is that they also increase sexual stimulation. These easy and fabulous exercises tone the vaginal walls and increase the duration and pleasure of an orgasm. You will also be able to increase your partnerís sexual response by squeezing the penis with the vagina. This increases sensitivity and pleasure for both partners and makes hitting the G-spot easier. It also tightens the vagina, which increases the sexual pleasure for both partners as it creates more friction and higher sensitivity. Women who have and do Kegels have a better chance of achieving and receiving an orgasm and having it be stronger and last longer in duration. Do these exercises often and regularly through out your life and you will benefit in many ways.

In addition, Kegels increase the blood flow to the vaginal area and so this increases the sensitivity. This increase can make many women capable of achieving multiple orgasms that keep increasing in pleasure. A woman who has this type of vaginal control can enjoy foreplay and intercourse more and can stimulate her partner in a fabulous way. For men Kegels can make them have more control over ejaculation and better orgasm. With better stimulation the need for synthetic lubrications is lowered due to the higher sexual response that makes the vagina lubricate itself. The natural body fluid are better and a bigger turn on to both partners.

Kegels are the ultimate exercise whether you are pregnant or not, and they are so easy to do. You don't even need to stand up to do them. Kegel exercises help to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles, this will not only give you more control during labor, but will improve sex as well. After labor and delivery your pelvic floor muscles will be loose, which can lead to incontinence and other complications. After delivery you can do these to re-strengthen the muscles and tone and tighten the vagina. All you need to do is squeeze your pelvic muscles for a few minutes everyday, as if you were trying to hold your bladder. Childbirth brings on many changes to the body and vagina too. A pregnant woman can benefit from doing kegels for the same incontinence issue and sexual pleasures, but also in another way. This can help gain control over childbirth. Knowing how to control the vaginal muscles will aid you in push and holding to deliver your baby. It will also make you more susceptible to healing. After birth you can get the vagina back into shape by doing more. This will tighten her back up to her pre-pregnancy tone and in some cases more. This will lessen the risk of pregnancy-induced incontinence as well.

So no matter when, where, or why you do your Kegels, you will reap the benefits in so many ways and so will your partner. There is nothing easier in the world as far as exercise goes than these. How many exercises can you do anywhere, no matter what you are doing, and at anytime?

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