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First Time Mom's: Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Here you are and your pregnancy journey has ended. You have lived almost an entire year nurturing and growing this child under your heart and he or she has finally arrived. Now you are tired and re-adjusting to hormones and canít seem to find the time for anything, including eating and bathing. From a professional first time mommy to a newbie on the block, here are some suggestions to make life easier.

Nap with your baby instead of cleaning the house. The second that your child falls asleep, you go to sleep too. You need to rest up and save your energy. Cleaning can be done while your baby is awake or in the swing or swaddled in a baby pack on your chest. You donít need to tend or hold this child every moment it is awake. You can put it down and get some things done.

When you do have to cook, cook big. Make huge dishes that can be stored in the freezer and refrigerator. This will make eating easier with a quick warm up in the microwave. Newborns have a way of knowing when you are going to eat and need something the second you raise that fork to your mouth. So make stuff in advance that is easy to reheat quickly, instead of having to prepare a meal and not be able to eat it. The quicker that it reheats, the higher likelihood you will actually get to eat it hot.

Never fall asleep in the same bed or let your baby fall asleep in your arms. This is a horrifying nightmare that can end with a 5-year-old child sleeping with you. The second that baby comes home, put it in itís own space to sleep. This teaches the baby where it sleeps and makes for a better rest for every one. If you breastfeed, make sure to change your childís diaper and put them to bed awake. This way they know where they are and actually have a steady sleep. For nighttime feedings, make sure that baby goes back from where it came after mealtime. This is a lesson that cannot stress enough and must be done right away, so there is minimal torture for everyone. Babies can cry, it strengthens their lung and improves oxygen intake. Plus a newborn baby will adjust to anything quicker than a six month old baby because they donít know any better.

Only take what you need for your outings. If you are a bottle feeder, you may have to pack a bigger bag, but as long as you feed right before leaving the house you might not have to take as much. Bottle fed babies go longer between meals than breastfed ones. For breastfeeding moms, nurse right before leaving so you can actually enjoy the car ride and decrease the risk of multiple feedings while trying to get your stuff done. A mini back pack with a travel pack of wipes and seven diapers, two small spit up cloths, and one bottle, if you are a bottle feeder, is all you need for a two hour excursion with a newborn. You donít have to take toys, four bottles and all that other stuff. Go light and simple, remember you have to carry that heavy infant seat, so why carry huge heavy bags, too?

Take a bath when daddy is home with your baby. Somehow these small creatures know exactly when you are climbing into the tub or shower. They just donít know what relax means. So plan your shower or bath time to when dad is home and can occupy the baby or bring the baby with you, now you are both clean. But donít think for one second you will be able to get this child to sleep and try to sneak a shower or bath, they will wake up.

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