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Expecting Moms: Pack a Suitcase for the Hospital

Now that the time is growing closer for the new arrival, it is a good idea to make sure that your suitcase is totally ready. You will want to get everything ready way before it is time just in case you go into preterm. This means not only do you need to bring the things you want and need, but also have a baby bag, and a suitcase for your partner if he plans on staying with you. Also, it is a good idea to have a car seat ready. Hospitals will not let you leave without one properly installed in the car. Even if he is going to go home at night, make sure he has what he needs if you have a long labor. It is never easy to remember everything at once so packing in advance gives you plenty of time to add things to the list as need. Always remember to have you identification and medical card with you at all times. Also bring your pillows from home and a copy of your birth plan.

Things to pack for you will include any clothing, personal items and distraction to use while in labor. Leave jewelry and valuables at home to minimize losing important things. You might want to consider bringing nightgowns instead of pajamas so the doctors have an easy access to you perineal area. Bring at least three gowns so you can labor in one and still have two to change into over the next couple days. Remember the nurses will be checking you after delivery every two hours so you donít want to have to take off pajama bottoms all the time. A bathrobe and non-slip slippers are a good idea as well. The robe will allow you to roam the halls during and after labor with out being exposed.

In addition, non-slip slippers make sure you donít fall on the slippery hospital floor. Make sure to bring tow or three support or nursing bras, and nursing pads to control leaking when your milk comes in. Even if you arenít going to breastfeed you will need these pads till you dry up. Also bring five to ten pairs of underwear that can be worn with an extra large pad. You will be bleeding a lot and may find at times you leak through, especially when sleeping, so bring spares. A plastic grocery bag will also come in handy for items that get soiled. Also bring two or three outfits incase you want to get out of your nightgown for company and to wear home.

Something extra that you might want to have just in case you stay longer than anticipated or realize you want once you are at the hospital may include your personal shampoo and conditioner. You will want to bring your own hair drier if you like to blow dry your hair. If you enjoy wearing make-up, donít forget your cosmetics, especially if you like to have make-up on for pictures. Bring your own hairbrush and ties, clips or headbands to keep hair out of your face during labor and delivery and after. You will also want to pack some focal items that you have decided on from your birthing classes. If you want candles, music, or wine you will need to pack that as well, along with a radio to play the music with and batteries in case there are no plugs available. Also bring books, magazines or other hobbies to entertain you or your partner if labor stalls or you fall asleep. Donít forget all your contact numbers of friends and family you may want to phone. You may even consider having one contact person and they have your list and do the rest for you. If you wear glasses or contacts bring any cases or solutions you may need to clean or store these items.

Make sure that the baby bag has several newborn diapers in case they donít supply any or charge for supplying. Also two to three pairs of pajamas and at least one outfit to go home in will be important to bring. Bring a receiving blanket and one heavier one just in case. Donít forget to bring your baby book; the hospital will put your babyís footprints in it for you. Also bring the infant car seat to bring the baby home in. Dad will need his own bag too, even if he doesnít plan to spend the nights with you. He will need to bring a few changes of clothes in case labor lasts a long time. If he is going to stay, then also add a pair of pajamas or sweats and a robe. Some extras that can go into dadís suitcase are a camcorder, camera with extra film or memory card and batteries, some extra cash for food, and an empty bag to bring home gifts received at the hospital. If you already have a child at home and plan on taking him or her to grandmaís, pack a bag just for them, too.

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