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Bed Rest Ideas For Pregnant Moms

Bed rest may sound like heaven to an overworked mom-to-be, but as many soon find, it's not fun at all. At first it sounds great to be able to lounge around all day while others have to do all the stuff you really didnít want to have to do. After about 4-5 days you may feel like you never want to see that bed or couch again from sheer boredom and frustration. You would give anything to scrub the bathroom. If you have reached the point of needing bed rest, you will need to set up you potential lounge areas with many to do things. It is best to have 2 spots so you can have a change of scenery once in a while. Make sure both stations are fully stocked so you arenít carrying everything from one location to the next. Make sure you have a phone, T.V. with remote, Kleenex, a trashcan, any medication you might be on, drinks and food nearby, books and other reading material, and any other necessities. A laptop is handy too and is easy to carry from one place to another and can be a lot of fun. Make sure you find some hobbies to occupy your time, T.V., the net, and crosswords get old after a while. Try needlework, knitting, scrapbooking, thank you notes, shower invitations, picture albums, or whatever might entertain you with the least amount of stress.

Have family mealtime with you on the couch or bed so you donít feel so isolated and out of the loop. It can get pretty lonely if you are always by yourself. Invite friends over to play cards or games, or even just to watch a movie or talk. This will make you feel like you still have a social life, even if it is a confined one. If you have other children, make sure they understand what is going on and put them in a daycare program if not school age so they can interact and burn some energy. Once your spouse and children are both home, you can all have some quiet family time and listen to what they did all day and show them any work you might have done while they were gone. Have in house dates with your partner, a romantic dinner and a movie is a nice way to stay close and intimate.

Make sure you talk to your doctor about the amount and type of exercise you need. Even on bed rest you can do some upper body exercises, Kegels, and range of motion to keep your joints from stiffening. Find out if you can do such movements as leg lifts or tilting the pelvis, you want to keep up the good circulation. Make sure you find out what you can do and what you canít. There are several types of bed rest and you need to know which one you are on. Follow your doctorís order to the letter, even if you think you are fine. A high-risk pregnancy can make a person very anxious and then having to lie down constantly can put on added strain. Talk to other women who have been through the same thing. You can either locate a phone group or Internet group where you can talk to other moms who have been there or are with you now. It can be nice to chat with other women you know is on her laptop in bed like you. If you are worried about how you are going to get stuff for the baby look and order from catalogs or go on the Internet and do some fun online shopping. You donít have to leave the house to shop.


HOUSE ARREST: With this type of set-up you are only confined to your home. That might sound awful, but it is better than having to lay down all the time. You will be able to sit, walk around, and actually go get your own food from the kitchen. Your main restrictions will be no sex, lifting, or exercise.

PARTIAL or MODIFIED BEDREST: You have a bit more freedom if you are in this category. You should be able to work part of the day, go for a short shopping venture, and leave the house for lunch or dinner. The rest of the day you will be lounging around the couch or favorite easy chair. Restrictions from sexual intercourse, exercise, or lifting are usual.

STRICT BEDREST: This is where things get insanely boring for many women. Here you are confined to the bed or couch all day and night. You may change locations 2-3 times per day, get up to the bathroom, take a quick shower, and sit up for meals. Other than that, you are lying down and holding that baby inside. Make sure you have a good set-up in your two bed rest locations because you will need the a distraction.

COMPLETE or HOSPITAL BEDREST: This is the granddaddy of bed rest and usually means you are at the hospital under medical care. This medical care is very important to you and your babyís well being and safety. You will not be getting up for any reason so you will use a bedpan or have a catheter and all your daily hygiene requirements will be done for you by the aids. You might find that you are placed in some rather uncomfortable positions to take the pressure of your cervix and keep you from going into premature labor. Trendelenburg is the most common position, where your head is lower than the rest of your body. You will also have a therapist or nurseís aid that will perform leg exercises and range of motion on you to prevent blood clots from not being able to move.

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