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Aches and Pains of Pregnancy: Try Massage

Human touch is the most natural and enjoyable experience. It is comforting, reassuring, and important. They way we touch others expresses how we feel about them and who they are in our lives. Massage is another form of touch that has many benefits. It creates a sense of well being and promotes a natural painkiller to help alleviate normal aches and pains. During pregnancy, touch is even more important and needed. With all the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy it is important to have some alleviation to some of the aches and pains. One must make sure that the therapist they chose has had special training in prenatal massage. This is crucial because some massage techniques should be avoided during pregnancy. The position of the massage table is also different and in a semi-sitting style with many pillows to promote comfortability. Do not ever lie on a table with belly hole in it, it puts too much stress on the uterine muscles and is dangerous.

Make sure you get a doctors note telling you it is safe to get a massage and bring this with you. Tell your therapist what you are striving for treatment, such as nausea or back pain. Ask if they have done a lot of pregnancy massage. Make sure you mention any medications you are on and any diseases or ailments you have. Ask to see the table and room where the massage will take place. You should see a semi-reclining table. Most pregnant women can benefit from a professional massage including women carrying multiples. If you have a tremendous amount of swelling or a high risk for blood clots, you may want to consult your doctor as your pregnancy progresses. This is to ensure it is still safe. Many women wait till after the first trimester before going to a massage therapist. Massage does not cause a miscarriage, but it can induce nausea for some women.

Many women and men will go to classes on massage instead. This allows the partner to be able to massage his wife anytime she may need it. The couple is trained on what kind of massage is good and what should be avoided. This allows the dad to help relax mom when she is uncomfortable and during labor. Many women love and appreciate even light touch from their partners during labor. They find it relaxing and easing, in turn have a better labor with less anxiety and need for medication. This type of massage also allows couple to have more intimacy as the pregnancy progresses. In this case the massage benefit the entire couple and not just the receiver. The more that your partner practices at home, the more you know what feels good for you. This will make him a much better labor coach and he will already know what works for you and be confident that he is helping.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage include:

  • reduces stress and promotes general well being
  • increases the efficiency of the circulatory system
  • helps the body to eliminate waste products through the lymphatic and circulatory systems
  • combats fatigue and helps to feel more energetic
  • helps to keep blood pressure in check
  • alleviates muscular discomforts
  • helps carry away lactic acid and other cellular waste products in the muscles
  • helps relieve depression or anxiety
  • relieves normal discomforts of pregnancy such as backaches, a stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, edema, nausea, and sore, swollen ankles and feet
  • helps stabilize hormone levels
  • can also increase muscular flexibility
  • helps to soothe and relax nervous tension
  • used by the coach to assist in labor

Massage is something a couple can benefit from all the time. Not just during pregnancy but also in the postpartum period. This is a trying time and the addition of a new baby and not being able to have sex can be trying on a couple. Using massage can help couples stay connected to each other and have some form of intimacy. Parents can also massage the baby, which is highly recommended. Many childbirth classes have a section of pregnancy and infant massage.

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