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6 Tips To Treat or Avoid Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is the most common plague of pregnancy. It is common to feel nauseated, vomit, or just plain yucky. The degree of sickness varies greatly woman to woman and with each pregnancy. Some women are only bothered by nausea and/or vomiting at certain times a day, such as in the morning or before bed. Others are constantly ill and donít get relief till the first trimester is over or medical intervention is sought. Usually the nausea is caused by the increase in hormones and sugar imbalance as the body adjusts to the changes of pregnancy. No one actually knows why it so bad for some and not others. Many medical professionals think morning sickness is more likely in pregnancies with more than one baby. The hormones are even more abundant and the reactions are stronger. If not careful, one can become dehydrated if vomiting too much. It could mean you have hyperemesis gravidarum and need to be treated at a hospital with IV fluids. Always consult your doctor or midwife if you think you are getting sick too often.

There are many anti-sickness drugs that can be bought or prescribed if need be. A doctor should tell you which ones are safe while pregnant. You always want to try home remedies that donít involve medications first. It is best to not expose your baby to any drugs if it can be avoided. But if you vomit too much and feel the risk of dehydration is imminent, then ask your doctor or midwife which medications are safe. Not all medications work for all women so be sure to get a recommendation of what would be best for you.


1) Take your time getting out of bed, donít just jump up. This can cause your equilibrium to go wacky and make you instantly sick to your stomach. Keep crackers by the bedside so you can nibble for a few minutes as your body adjusts to being awake. A little something in your tummy will help keep acid levels down. You can always have your partner get you breakfast in bed or a snack upon waking, as well.

2) Throughout the day, eat little amounts and often, approximately every two to three hours. Keep your belly full. Even if you arenít hungry, this will help keep acid under control. Drink a lot of liquid, preferably 10 to 12 glasses of water, fruit juice or decaffeinated herbal tea each day. Avoid food containing a lot of fat or spices. Eat dry crackers or toast. Ginger tablets can also help reduce nausea. Take your time moving around, sudden movements can lead to getting ill. Sit upright after eating to keep the food from coming back up, gravity does help. Avoid smells that trigger nausea or vomiting if you can, and donít brush your teeth immediately after a meal or getting sick. This will only trigger more nausea.

3) At night before going to bed, it may help to eat a snack such as a yogurt, bread, milk, cereal or a sandwich. If you wake at night, nibble on crackers or a snack to keep your belly full. Make sure you sit up in the bed and wait 30 minutes before lying back down. Sleep with the windows open to get some fresh air, if possible.

4) Acupuncture and Sea bands also have had great results. Triggering the pressure points that cause nausea can help ease the tummy. Many acupuncture therapists can leave a pressure button in the ear that can be pressed on when ever nausea creeps up. Sea Bands are worn on the wrist and trigger an anti-nausea point there. They have been widely used by pregnant women with good benefits.

5) Once you have spoken to your doctor and nothing else has worked try an over the counter nausea medication. Emetrol is safe to use while pregnant and very effective. Other medications such as Zantac or Pepcid have worked to nix nausea for many women. It also helps with acid reflux and heartburn that can be a source of nausea. Taking a combination of doxylamine and vitamin B6 is also safe and very effective. Doxylamine can be found in the drug store as Unison Nighttime Sleep-Aid (only use the regular strength) and B6 can also be found there as well. Ask your doctor how much and how often to take this combo before just going for it.

6) Prescription drugs are the next course of action when all the others have failed. The most widely prescribed medications for sickness are Compazine and Phenergan, and also the drug Tigan. They are safe and very effective for stopping vomiting. Zofran is another drug that controls nausea, originally designed for chemotherapy patients, and very effective.

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