How To Be Super Confident At Your Next Job Interview

"I need a boost of confidence."

"How can I improve my job interview skills?"

"I require a jolt of confidence when I enter an interview."

"I feel insecure when I go onjob interviews. What can I do to get better at this?"

If you're not confident in yourself, why should an employer be confident in hiring you?

Appearing more confident at job interviews will help you make a better impression and improve your chances of getting the job.

Here are 14 strategies to use before, during and after your interview to boost your confidence.

Before The Interview:

Learn everything available about the company.

Set up a Google Alert to notify you of the latest news. Check your network to find anyone who works there or knows someone who does.

What have you learned?


Write out your questions.

Putting your questions into writing will help you cover all the material. It also gives you something to refer to while you're interviewing.

What are your questions?


Practice with mock interviews.

Running through a mock interview with a friend can help bring your attention to any involuntary nervous gestures or topics that need more research. Prepare your answers to any tough questions such as a termination or extended time off. If you're on your own, try testing yourself in front of a mirror.

What needs improvement?


Work out.

Aerobic exercise helps carry more oxygen to your brain. You'll be able to think clearer and express yourself better. Get up early for a morning jog or take a brisk walk right before your meeting. Just be sure not to overdo it. You don't want to arrive limping from sore muscles.


Dress comfortably.

Ensure your suit or dress fits well so you can move and sit down with ease. Wear shoes that are good for walking. Your potential employers may want to give you a tour of the place.


At The Interview:

Shake hands.

Look the interviewer in the eye, smile and shake hands firmly. If your palms tend to feel a little wet when you're nervous, carry some powder so you can dust them off first.


Have your small talk ready.

Now's the time to show off your personality. When your interviewer asks you about yourself, have a quick but amusing statement to make about your hometown or follow up on a comment they make.

What will you talk about?


Accept any hospitality.

Answer in the affirmative if you get offered coffee or water. It gives you a chance to look like you feel at home and to demonstrate your good manners.


Get settled.

Arrange your gear so that you can write and retrieve papers without any fumbling. Use the table space around you or carry a flat-bottomed bag you can park on the floor next to your chair.


Pretend you're conducting the interview.

One of the most effective tricks to feel in control is to act as if you're the one interviewing your potential employers. In a way, it's true because you're both trying to find a good match.


Finesse the tough questions.

Sensitive questions may come up like explaining any time you've been out of work or conflicts with past employers. Avoid stammering or appearing embarrassed. Stick to the facts and maintain eye contact. Give complete answers without going into excessive detail.


After The Interview:

Pick up more literature.

Gather more information on the company. Say that you look forward to reading any reports they give you. Ask for an annual report or the latest newsletter.


Accept any offer to use the rest room.

Graciously accept the rest room keys just like you did with the cup of coffee. It's another opportunity to show your comfort and ease courtesies with the people you're interviewing with. Also, this gives you a few moments alone to refresh your thoughts.


Send a thank you note immediately.

Within the next few hours, send an email to the person who interviewed you. Make your thank you stand out by asking another pertinent question or making a helpful suggestion. Handwritten notes are more personal.


Searching for a job can be tedious, daunting and stressful, but looking poised will help you feel more in control and improve your prospects.

Keep reminding yourself of all your good qualities so your self-confidence and competence will shine through.

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