My Top 9 Misconceptions About Being Outrageously Successful

"What does it truly take to be successful?"

"Has everything I've learned about what it takes to be successful been wrong?"

"Why have I not achieved success? I've done everything I was supposed to."

"I don't know what it takes to be a superstar in life."

Misconceptions often create unnecessary challenges and obstacles in life.

For instance, do you know what it really takes to be successful?

Are you sure?

What if your preconceived notions about success are incorrect? How might a change in beliefs affect your likelihood of success?

Once your new beliefs accurately reflect what it takes to be successful, you might find that achieving success is a lot easier than you originally thought. With a fresh set of beliefs, new actions and outcomes become achievable.

Check out my top 9 misconceptions and myths about success:

"It's way too late to reach my goals."

Many of the world's most successful individuals didn't get started until later in life. Consider Colonel Sanders, who started Kentucky Fried Chicken in his sixties. What are your goals?


"Successful people have to work crazy long hours."

While many successful people do work many hours, that's primarily because they enjoy what they're doing. But it's unnecessary to focus all your efforts on work.

  • It's important to spend time doing things that help you move forward in a positive direction. Sometimes, that even means doing things that make you feel uncomfortable.


"It takes too long become successful."

It depends on what you're doing. If you want to become a doctor, it does take a while. But many things can be accomplished quickly with a good action plan.


"I have to play by the rules to succeed."

The alternate, "I have to break all the rules to succeed," is also false. Each situation is unique. You can make up your own rules, as long as you avoid hurting anyone or breaking any laws.


"Money isn't important."

Money is very important for those things that require money. Money doesn't provide emotional support, but it can do a whole lot for you. If you're unable to pay your bills or buy food, you already know the importance of money.


"Success is only about making money."

It's important to have enough money to support your idea of success. But money isn't everything! Maybe your version of success is about having freedom and enjoying life. Having more money than you need is of questionable value.


"I'll achieve the most success if I do it alone."

Success rarely happens in isolation. You'll probably need help along the way. Partnerships, joint ventures, favors, and mentors are often part of becoming successful. Hopefully, you'll be able to pay it forward and help someone else on their road to success someday.


"If I lack education or come from a certain background, I won't find success."

Successful people come from all backgrounds and levels of education. In fact, a disproportionate number of highly successful people didn't complete high school!

  • Having a certain background and education can provide different opportunities, but there's an alternative path to success. History is filled with success stories of those with serious disadvantages.


"Success is the goal."

Success is the condition of having met your goals. It isn't a goal in itself.


Success is not what you think it is.

If your preconceived notions and beliefs have held you back from achieving success, a fresh set of beliefs is just what you need to move forward in life.

You can do it!

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