How To Quickly Stop Very Irritating Bad Habits

"How do I stop a ridiculously annoying bad habit?"

"My family tells me I have a super irritating bad habit I need to stop."

"I've tried everything to get rid of my bad habit (unsuccessfully)."

"I have had virtually no success in trying to create a new, better habit."

Got a bad habit?

You know what I mean.

I'm speaking of that particular annoying habit other people find incredibly irritating.

Sometimes that habit is even irritating to you, but you find yourself doing it over and over again anyway.

Isn't it time to finally take action to eliminate that darn habit?

Follow these seven steps in order and discard your bad habit once and for all.

Identify The Issue.

In order to get rid of a weed, first you have to notice it. Bad habits are the same. If you take a moment to recognize these undesirable ways, you've taken the first step toward doing something about them.

What's the issue?


Increase Self-Awareness.

Now that you've identified the weed, notice how it's choking out the cucumbers and tomatoes you're trying to grow. Bad habits result in bad consequences.

  • For example, when you interrupt your partner (the bad habit), their feelings get hurt or they get angry (the bad consequence).
  • When you eat donuts for breakfast (the bad habit), you'll gain weight or end up with high cholesterol (the bad consequence).

How self-aware are you? How will you improve upon this?


Make a Conscious Decision.

If you want to expel a bad habit, make the choice to stop. Rather than saying, "I'll try to stop interrupting my partner," say, "I won't interrupt my partner."

What's your decision?


Build In a Safety Net.

Come up with a plan to use when you slip back into your bad habit. This plan should help you get back on track. For example, say to yourself, "If I accidently interrupt my partner, I'll stop talking and apologize for it immediately."

  • Since most of us find apologizing less than enjoyable, you'll learn that your safety net is meant to help you curb the habit.

What's your safety net?


Use Diversion.

Some habits can be combatted by diverting our attention. Try it!

  • For example, when your co-worker arrives with a box of donuts, you could go to your office, close the door, and begin checking your email. Or you could go to talk to your supervisor about a project you're working on.
  • Find a positive action to distract you while you're avoiding the donuts. Not only will you avoid the donuts, but you'll accomplish something positive as well!

What are your diversion tactics?


Replace Old Habits With New Ones.

Plan in advance to do a specific action each time you find yourself doing the old habit. Replacement gives you the opportunity to implement a positive habit rather than the negative one you're trying to avoid.

  • For example, rather than interrupting your spouse, you could gaze into their eyes and listen to every word. Instead of eating a donut, you could eat a delicious yogurt with fresh fruit.

What's your new habit?


Expect Relapses, But Cease The Old Behavior Swiftly.

Especially at the beginning, you'll tend to backslide into your bad habit. Stop the behavior the moment you notice it and you'll be surprised at how quickly you can rid yourself of that habit.

What happens when you fall back into your old habit?


Don't let bad habits persist. They will only get worse over time. It'll affect you and those around you.

Weed out your bad habit and live in a “garden” that's positive, healthy, and happy.

You can do it!

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