How To Quickly Open Yourself Up To New Opportunities & Find Abundance

"How do I open myself up to new opportunities and things?"

"I don't know how to step outside my comfort zone and try new things."

"I've squandered so much of my life. I need to make a change fast."

"I feel like I can do more and be more in my life."

An important aspect of self-development and personal growth is the ability to take advantage of each opportunity that presents itself to you.

You might be wondering “what opportunities do I have?”

You may be surprised at the abundance of unknown, unrealized gems staring you in the face.

Take the time and follow these methods to ensure you're fully open to new opportunities:

Recognize that you have opportunities all around you.

The first step is to believe the current people, places, and situations you're involved with may lead to something bigger.

  • If you engage in "limiting thinking," it's difficult for you to notice the opportunities around you. You'll open yourself up to new things if you can broaden your thinking.

Do you recognize that opportunities are all around you? Make a list.


Get acquainted with new people.

Get out there! Whenever you meet someone, get to know them. Sometimes there's a reason or purpose you've met (whether it's a business connection or personal contact). These associations can blossom into incredible opportunities that would never have been available to you otherwise.

  • Maybe your new colleague's brother owns a business that you'd like to reach out to. Or a new neighbor does marathons and you're interested in running.

Who can you meet?


Discard the limiting thinking pattern.

Many of us adopt a style of thinking like, "This is all I'll ever have and I've got to make do with it." How does this type of thinking affect your life and your ability to notice new opportunities?

  • When you limit your thoughts, you may be passing up fabulous love, career, and monetary riches.
  • Make a conscious decision to curb the limiting, negative thinking. The next best thing might be just around the corner.

Are you stuck in a limited or negative thought pattern? What is it? How will you change it?


Avoid running from challenging projects at work.

You might be thinking, "There's no way I want to get involved in this project." Yet, those who take on those types of work tasks learn so much and are given even better opportunities in the future. Accept a challenge.

  • You can develop a reputation as the "go-to person" and advance your career.

Do you run away from challenges? What's a challenge that will you accept?


Voluntarily step in to fill voids.

Maybe there's something that needs to be done at work, but others balk at it. Perhaps they think the project sounds boring or that the task is monotonous.

  • For example, maybe no one wants to write the job descriptions for your department. Everyone thinks it sounds useless, but your boss wants it to be completed. Step up and get it done.
  • Another example might be that your neighborhood wants to turn a piece of land into a small park, but nobody is interested in making it happen. Take the lead and contact your city council to initiate the project.
  • When you step in to fill voids, others notice your efforts and you develop some new skills. Plus, some of these tasks can serve as resume builders.

Do you ever raise your hand to volunteer? Will you start volunteering now?


Your life is filled with an unknown brilliance that you probably haven't tapped into yet. There are opportunities abound if you know how and where to look.

Put these five strategies into action today.

Open yourself up. Be ready & willing. Notice and take advantage of all opportunities presented to you.

A life filled with abundance is now yours!

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