The #1 Reason Why You Must Never, Ever Quit

"How do I NOT give up on myself?"

"I always feel like giving up, even before I try."

"What's the benefit of persevering? Is it worth it?"

"I have no patience for setbacks. What do I do?"

I thought it important to share a very recent story with you. It exemplifies why you should never quit in life. Here goes”¦

It was 3 days before Thanksgiving.

I received an email alert that my server (the computer with all my websites on it) was being walloped and my websites were only working intermittently.


After staring at this notification in disbelief, I quickly picked up the phone and called my tech people to see what the heck was happening.

I learned that an email spammer had hijacked my server. This jerk was using my server to do unscrupulous things and was wreaking havoc.

My tech people proceeded to go thru every single file on my server and removed 2 nasty, unidentified files that they believed were causing the problem.

Hooray! Whew!

Problem solved, right?


A half hour later it started up again.

Emails were being blasted out at a rate of 6,000 per minute. The only solution, and a temporary one, was to shut down part of my server to stop it from continuing. My websites would remain up, but everything else was down.

They then spent many hours over the next 3 days trying to implement a permanent fix but could not. This jerk had them beat. They were stuck at square one.

So they gave up.

Yes, they gave up.

They told me to give up too, delete everything and start over again on a new server.

I laughed to myself.

The word QUIT is not in my vocabulary.

However, I know very little about how a server works. That's why I pay these tech people in the first place.

So I had a choice:

1 - Give up and start over.
2 ”“ Somehow, someway, learn how to fix the problem myself.

I spent the next 10 days going thru every programming forum and tech website to see how to fix my problem and boot this jerk off of my server.

I uploaded a special antivirus program, discovered 2 more nasty, unidentified files and deleted them.

Problem fixed?


The email flood continued 30 minutes after I reactivated that part of my server. So I shut it off once again. Ugh!!

The good news was that as I started to learn more and more, I began to ask more intelligent questions on these forums.

I tried 3 more methods to solve my problem.

None worked.

Then, finally, I found the right forum, asked the right question, found several dozen other people around the world with the same exact problem being caused by the same exact jerk, and had learned enough over the previous 10 days to type in the specific programming commands I needed to.

I hit the restart button on my server dashboard so the changes I made would take effect, crossed my fingers, and reactivated everything that had to be previously shut off.

Guess what?

Problem solved.


I had done it! In spite of 3 tech experts telling me to give up and absolutely zero experience myself in how to even approach this nightmare in the first place, I fixed it.

How, you ask?

Perseverance ”¦and incredible determination.

I remained calm, focused on my goal and added some stubbornness for flavor.

I'm sharing this with you so that if you are faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge, or people telling you to quit - the #1 reason you must never give up is that YOU CAN DO IT!

If you've got the drive and the willpower, anything is possible.

Never give up.


- Jeff Cohen

PS: Your email addresses are very safely and securely housed on This jerk had a list of his own he was using.

PPS: My tech people work for a big company on the NASDAQ stock exchange. They will now follow my instructions on how to fix this issue should any other of their clients have a problem with this jerk.

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