How To Become More Optimistic In Just 2 Weeks

"How do I turn from a pessimist to an optimist?"

"I need to be more optimistic in my everyday life."

"I want to change from being negative to being more positive."

"Is it possible to be positive after years of being nothing but negative?"

Do you find yourself thinking negative thoughts?  Do you spend time contemplating how badly situations turn out for you?

If so, you may be a pessimist. Why do I think this? In your mind's eye, you picture the world crashing down around you. You always expect things to go in favor of someone else instead of you.

It's very easy to fall under the spell of negative thinking. This is especially true when you've dealt with a lot of negative situations in your life.

I'm here to help you get out of that negative mindset!

Follow the five strategies below and turn from a pessimistic person into an optimistic one. The best part is that you can become more positive and less negative in less than two weeks!

Start here”¦

Count your blessings.

Take a moment and write down all the blessings you've received in your lifetime. Write the small ones as well as the mammoth ones. Have you run out of paper or gotten blistered fingers? Both are signs of a multitude of blessings!

  • A pessimist has no place counting blessings! Therefore, put aside your negative thinking and celebrate the positives that have happened in your lifetime.
  • How many times have you confidently achieved success? It's probably because you believed in yourself. If you did it then, you can do it now.
  • Use your past positive experiences to fuel your drive to become a more positive person.

What do you feel grateful for?


Recite your strengths in the mirror.

Self-doubt brings about feelings of inadequacy. Then, you end up believing that you may not be good at anything. But is that really the case? When was the last time you took a moment to consider your strengths?

  • Stand in front of your mirror today and recite your strengths. And yes, you have them! Your positive attributes are what got you all those blessings in the first place!
  • Think about ways in which others have counted on you in the past. Why do you think they chose to rely on you? Because they know you have a great skill set.
  • If you used a particular strength in the past, you can use it again for another mission.

What are your strengths?


Search for the good in situations.

Even when things seem to be at their worst, there's always a bright spot or a lesson to be learned. If you take the time, you'll find that there's something good in each of life's situations.

  • Even though something may cause you to feel sad, consider the possible joy of having a weight lifted off your shoulders.
  • It may seem to you that you've failed at something. But truth be told, you may have succeeded at finally finding the right path for yourself.

What's the silver lining?


Accept life's journeys.

Remember that you may not have everything going your way. That's just the way life is. Accept the journey you're on, knowing that you're meant for that path.

  • The sooner you accept a particular outcome, the easier it may be to move on and start fresh.
  • Rejoice in the positive outcomes of others. You're meant to live in harmony with the rest of the world. Use their joy as an opportunity for your own happiness.

Can you accept that life is a journey?


Remember the sun rises.

Continue to ask yourself this question until you answer YES! Remember, the world doesn't end with your negative experiences! After the disappointment, you go to bed and awaken to a new morning. Each sunrise provides another opportunity to succeed!

Do you believe tomorrow will bring a fresh, new day?


As you can see, being more optimistic is all about adjusting your thoughts.

Change how you process experiences. Turn the negative into a positive. Do NOT allow the outcome of one experience to determine how you'll handle the next.

Take each situation at face value with a bright smile and positive outlook.

You can do it!

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