How To Support Causes Close To Your Heart


Your daily mantra:

“I dedicate myself to causes that interest me.”

In an average day, I am exposed to a variety of causes that arouse my curiosity. Being open to learning more about a cause brings me new knowledge and understanding.

Sometimes, I choose to become active in spreading the word about a cause because it is special to me.

I find myself focusing on advancing ideas that are relevant to me and meaningful to others.

“My personal interest in a cause ensures I give it my all.”

I know that when I dedicate myself to an area that fascinates me, the benefits to others are plentiful.

My dedication to certain topics is strong within me.

If I am mourning the loss of someone from cancer, I get involved with the local cancer society to honor them.

I have friends and loved ones who have experienced the trauma of violence in their own homes. When I hear about a local group focusing their efforts on abolishing domestic violence, I volunteer my time to show my support.

Perhaps someone knocks on my door to collect for a charity. I often donate my hard-earned dollars because of my interest in helping the charity.

Today, I am open to learning about new causes. When I am especially touched by someone's story or situation, I look into becoming personally involved.

Supporting causes close to my heart brings me pure joy.

Questions & Reflections:

  1. What specific causes am I interested in?
  2. Do I show my support for those causes? Am I dedicated to them?
  3. How can I demonstrate my dedication to current and future causes?


What People Are Saying:

  • "How do I support the causes nearest to my heart?"
  • "I want to do more, but I don't know how to."
  • "I have a passion for several causes. I just need some motivation to make a difference."
  • "How can I be a better person?"


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