How To Develop and Maximize All Your Talents


Your daily mantra:

“I have endless talents which
I utilize every day.”

I am blessed with many talents. All talents are gifts that are meant to be used. I enjoy using my talents each day to enhance my life and the lives of others.

I sometimes think I am already aware of all of my talents. However, I notice new abilities from time to time.

“Anytime I try something new, I am pleasantly surprised to find an
undiscovered strength.”

Having talent is wonderful, and I am grateful for all that I have been provided. But talents are only valuable if they are used, so I make a real effort to maximize mine. I find new and clever ways to put my abilities to use. I have endless talents which I utilize each day.

I encourage others to do the same. Everyone feels better in the knowledge that they are naturally good at something.

When I find myself wishing I had a specific talent, I realize that I might already possess that talent deep inside. I investigate these wishes fully and frequently discover that I do have those abilities! So now I always assume I have a talent until I have been proven otherwise.

Today, I am determined to discover a new ability in myself. I am developing my current talents to the best of my ability. I have endless talents which I utilize every single day.

Questions & Reflections:

  1. What are my greatest talents?
  2. Am I utilizing those talents to the best of my ability?
  3. What talents would I like to have? Is it possible that I already have them?


What People Are Saying:

  • "How do I develop the inner talents that I have?"
  • "My friends tell me I am super talented. Am I?"
  • "I want to make the most of all my talents and abilities. Help!"
  • "I feel stupid that I have not maximized or utilized all my abilities."


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