How To Appreciate Your Friends and Lift Your Spirits


Your daily mantra:

“My friends lift my spirits.”

Spending time with my friends makes everything better. My buddies brighten my days.

I can turn to my friends when I need support and comfort. They help me find my way through challenging times. They also help me to renew my motivation and strengthen my resilience.

Thoughtful feedback is one of the most valuable gifts I receive from the people who know me well. It enables me to see situations more accurately and change my response to get better results. This increases my long term happiness.

Most of all, my friends help me to feel understood.

Even when I face a dilemma that lacks an immediate solution, I gain relief just knowing that others are acknowledging my experience.

“Thinking about how my friends enrich my life makes me want to work at staying connected.”

I hang out with my old friends. I treasure their ability to make me feel rooted and secure.

At the same time, I reach out to new acquaintances. I am open to widening my circle. Life is filled with opportunities to bask in the pleasure of connecting with new people and sharing new experiences with them.

Today, I reflect on how wonderful my friends are. I let them know how much I appreciate the joy they bring to me.

Questions & Reflections:

  1. What are three fun activities I could share with friends this week?
  2. How can I remain upbeat when I must be apart from my friends?
  3. How do I express my gratitude to my friends for all they do for me?


What People Are Saying:

  • "How can my friends help me deal with this problem I have?"
  • "My friends offered to help me, but what can they do?"
  • "I'd like my friends to help me, but I don't to bring them down."
  • "I love my friends! Please tell others they can be so very helpful if you let them in."


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