How To Not Take Things For Granted and Feel Blessed


Your daily mantra:

“Blessings surround me every day.”

Every moment of every day, I see endless blessings around me. I consider everything associated with life to be something special.

When I look into the eyes of my laughing children, I feel blessed to share that joy. I know that many others may not be able to experience that. I treasure every opportunity to spend time with my kids.

“I take the time to learn from each experience and feel fortunate to be able to learn life lessons along the way.”

Taking in the fresh air at sunrise brings me so much happiness. I feel my lungs expand. That reminds me that I am blessed to be alive. I am blessed to have good health and the chance to feel nature.

I take pleasure in tending to my garden. My family enjoys many meals from that garden. Knowing that I can provide for them makes me feel blessed and honored.

All my senses are alive. My eyes, ears, and nose are able to enjoy all the world has to offer. I am truly grateful to be in this position. I am conscious that everything I am able to do is because I am truly blessed.

Today, I avoid taking things for granted. Even the simple things are truly appreciated because I know others may not have access to them. I avoid complaining about the have-nots and celebrate everything I have. Each day, I look forward to the chance to give thanks!

Questions & Reflections:

  1. Do I encourage my friends and family to give thanks for all the blessings in their lives?
  2. Do I make it a point to share my blessings with loved ones?
  3. Am I able to be a blessing to others, especially those in need?


What People Are Saying:

  • "How can I feel blessed and grateful for what I have?"
  • "I don't feel grateful for my life. I've been miserable lately."
  • "Life's been tough. What do I have to be grateful for?"
  • "I don't want to continue taking life for granted. I know I am!"


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