How To Think Before You Act


Your daily mantra:

“I respond more favorably
when I think before I act.”

One of my missions each day is to take the time to think through any situation and then act accordingly. I know it is easy to make negative decisions if I avoid giving them enough thought.

When faced with a disagreement at work, I take the time to listen. When my coworker is finished speaking, I take a few moments to process. Weighing each choice is an important step for me.

In the midst of anxiety, I close my eyes. I allow myself to get to a calm place. When I am calm, I can process what is causing me anxiety.

“When I face situations with a calm disposition, I have a clearer mind. The
right decision becomes more apparent.”

Sometimes my kids make me angry, especially when I am tired. I am sometimes tempted to respond with punishment. But I take the time to think through their actions and realize that punishment may be an overreaction.

When I catch myself reacting in an offensive manner, I accept my mistake. It is easy for me to apologize to someone when I have offended them. When I apologize, it is easier to come to a resolution with that person.

Today, I believe in the power of the mind to correct negative situations. I know that every situation can be handled well if good thought is put into it. My goal is to always be slow to action but quick to think. I am thankful for the ability to think before acting.

Questions & Reflections:

  1. How composed am I when I am suddenly placed in an uncomfortable position?
  2. Are my decisions always the best ones even when I think them through?
  3. How can I remind myself to slow down and think before acting?


What People Are Saying:

  • "How do I stop and think before I take action?"
  • "I have no idea how to pause and think, before I take action."
  • "I act before I think and I keep getting in trouble. Help!"
  • "I need to stop & think and not make important decisions too hastily."


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