How To Trust Your Intuition and Inner Light


Your daily mantra:

“I trust my inner light and intuition
to guide me.”

My intuition is always available to guide me, if I am willing to listen. My inner light is the purest form of my soul. It gently shows me the way.

I have a high level of intuition. My intuition is the manifestation of my wisdom. It is always right. It speaks in a soft voice, but I can hear it if I truly open myself up to it.

“Whenever I am confused about a choice,
I acknowledge the messages that my intuition and inner light are sending me.”

By following those messages, the odds of making a good decision skyrocket.

My inner light and intuition exist to serve me. I make full use of the guidance that they provide. I get better and better at using these tools each and every day.

Having these sources of guidance makes my life easier. By making proactive decisions, I use my time more effectively. The number of mistakes I make is vastly minimized. I supercharge my success by listening to my inner light and intuition.

Sometimes reason and logic are great tools for making decisions. Other times, intuition is a better tool. When I have all the information I need, yet still feel lost, I look beyond logic and reason.

Today, I listen carefully to the guidance of my inner light and intuition. I am making good and wise decisions.

Questions & Reflections:

  1. When have I failed to listen to my intuition and subsequently faced great challenge?
  2. Do I sometimes rely too much on logic and reason to make decisions?
  3. Am I ready to listen to my guiding light and intuition?


What People Are Saying:

  • "Should I listen to my intuition more or not?"
  • "How do I hear my inner voice? Is it there?"
  • "I need to trust myself more than I do. And advice?"
  • "How do believe in myself when I have made bad decisions in the past?"


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