How To Approach All Relationships With Integrity


Your daily mantra:

“I approach all relationships with integrity.”

I treat every relationship as if it is my only one. The people who come in and out of my life deserve to be treated fairly. I approach all relationships with unquestionable integrity.

When I deny my kids something they want, I am sure to tell them why. I avoid making up an excuse for being unable to get it. It is important to me to be honest so they can trust what I say.

I am honest with co-workers I am competing against for a promotion. If there is information to be shared among us, I share it. I avoid withholding information for personal gain.

“It is important that people can take my words and actions at face value. I feel peace of mind when I am completely honest.”

Even though my honesty may produce unfavorable results, I feel better maintaining my integrity.

My focus is to act in accordance with my morals and conscience. If I can be true to myself, I know I can be true to others. I believe my ability to maintain integrity starts from within.

Today, I celebrate my relationships. I love the fact that people around me feel safe in my presence. I treat others how I want to be treated. I know friends and strangers alike see my actions as honorable.

Questions & Reflections:

  1. Am I honest with others when I realize they try to deceive me?
  2. Are there relationships I am forced to put aside because the other person does not act with integrity?
  3. What lessons do I teach my kids about relationships and integrity?


What People Are Saying:

  • "How can I have better relationships?"
  • "My relationships are so unfulfilling. Help!"
  • "How can I find longer lasting, more trusting partners?"
  • "All my relationships are short term. What can I do to change this?"


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